Back to School

After a whirlwind July & August, all of a sudden school is back in session and I can’t believe how quickly my kids are growing up.

IMG_2015The first to go back to school was our BIG BOY. He was SO excited. He loves learning! And we are so thrilled to be back at our beloved preschool after a year off last year. His sweet teachers have known him since he was 2 days old. I have a feeling he is going to be loved on BIG time this year.
IMG_2017Micah’s teacher sent me a picture on his first day just to calm my worries and show me how happy my baby-errrr- big boy was.
IMG_2049Next up, KU is back in session. Our littles wanted to go with us to Union Fest to tell all the new freshman that they can be a part of Cru!
IMG_2039Our crazy clan. 5jZmFZtLR42Ufd+clGAMYQSome back to school shopping with our Burgess fr-amily. 194Wu%+2QrOuf8p4HZnFmALydia and Baya have BFF necklaces and it makes my heart want to explode. IMG_2076Abi and I got to go to Haskell with Dad and invite students to FCA. IMG_2077Abi thinks Daddy is just about the greatest.IMG_2086And yesterday my big girls started 1st and 3rd grade. I didn’t have time to cry because it was a mess of a morning! I didn’t buy back to school lunch stuff. Lost water bottles. Their new skirts were WAY too big and falling off. Closed toed shoes are all thats allowed at school but they were all too small… oh well. The chaos kept my tears away! And none of it mattered much anyways. They were thrilled to be back. IMG_2085Ruth preferred a picture outside and requested no hugs or kisses in front of friends. I begrudgingly obliged because she is sweet as can be. IMG_2087Bitty was so so so excited to get back to her girlfriends. She came home talking a million miles a minute and telling us ALL the stories. IMG_2091They gave me lots of snuggles yesterday after school and I was really happy about it. IMG_1880And now I get two whole mornings a week alone with this precious chunk and I am so thrilled. Today we celebrated by going to her 8 month check up and now she is snoozing after a booster shot. Post shot naps are the BEST because they are always extra long. So this Mama is munching on some granola, catching up on work emails, and updating the blog while Micah watches some after school tv.

I hope everyone else has had a great time getting back into the swing of school! Thanks for stopping by to read about our four favorite kiddos!

Our Big Fat Greek Summer

We have officially been back in the US for 3 days and we are slooowwwlyyy recovering from jet lag. As we take it easy at home, I have been trying to process how fast the last 6 weeks in Greece flew by!

I know its nutty to try to sum up 6 super full weeks in 1 blog post but I’m gonna go for it!


As I look through the pictures I am about to share, it strikes me that it looks like we took a 6-week-vacation and I want to clear up how NOT TRUE that is. We worked our tails off this summer loving and caring for our American students as well as going on campus meeting Greek students. It was both our honor and joy to do our job! However, I find it inappropriate to share pictures of private moments with people whose stories aren’t mine to divulge, so instead, I mostly share pictures of my sweet family.

So even though you can’t see pictures of our ministry this summer, you can rejoice with us that our students and staff initiated LITERALLY THOUSANDS of spiritual conversations with Greek college students! We had the privilege of building friendships with Greek students. We met precious Orthodox and Protestant followers of Jesus who we got to connect with the ministry there. We also met hundreds of atheist who had strong opinions but respectfully dialogued with us about considering the possibility that Jesus loves them. Thank you for your prayers while we spent time in Athens this summer. In heaven we are certain you will meet Greeks that you prayed for! Here are some fun team pictures:


On to a quick recap of our amazing summer in Greece…


Our travel from Kansas to Greece with four small kids was about what you would expect. Very little sleep, a few cranky moments, but overall the kids did great. We left the states at 6am and arrived in Athens 21 hours later but it was only 10am. That first day was struggle town and I nearly had a panic attack when we landed and I saw my kids trying to navigate the chaos of the city.  But sleep was a gift that night! And it all got better from there.IMG_1105IMG_0273

City Life

After a few days, the kids had mastered stopping at every intersection to look for cars and staying back when the metro was arriving full steam ahead. I also learned the greek number for 911 and it calmed by mama heart down. Ha. Praise Jesus I never had to dial it.IMG_0275keeping kids alive on the metro is no small task…IMG_0282

We lived in a neighborhood outside of Athens city center called Zografou. We loved having a quiet(ish) dead end street to live on off one of the major streets called Papagou. Right across the street was a bakery and we quickly made friends with the women who worked there. They were such treasures. They loved our kids and always helped us when we had questions like, “Where is the closest park with actual grass?” (really rare) or “Is this beach we are headed to actually open and operating?” (we had a bad experience early on)IMG_1112Our favorite stop for Gyros IMG_1202IMG_0292A pic off our kitchen balconyIMG_1181IMG_0288Cooking for students is my favorite no matter what country we are in. Some of our best days were spent with a full house and filling student’s bellies!

Learning a New Culture 

I loved watching my kids handle learning a new culture with grace and joy. We spent lots of walks through the city singing together quietly “Lord, I need you, Oh I need you. Every hour I need you. ..” while trying to find a certain restaurant or open market to buy food. The grandmas in Greece took a special liking to our family because it is EXTREMELY rare to be in your thirties and have four kids in the city. They would squeeze my kids cheeks while spouting off some old wives tale about being too pretty while pretending to spit on them. It didn’t phase the kids too much and only a few ladies actually pried Abi out of my arms to snuggle her and kiss her cheeks. I’m so full of gratitude that my kiddos got to learn about people who are different than them and handle situations differently. What a gift for them to be able to love others well even when their lives are very different.

IMG_0279Our students took language classes and Ruth joined in! IMG_1378Living life with our co-leaders was so fun! IMG_1376IMG_1133Chocolate waffles are life.

Surprise Visitors

A few weeks in to the summer, Grammy and Grandpa Fieleke surprised us and told us that they were coming to visit! WE WERE SO THRILLED. Having them come visit was definitely one of the highlights of our summer. It was so fun introducing them to American students and our Greek friends. And our kids were beyond excited to show them all the Greek foods and culture that they had fallen in love with. IMG_1639IMG_0481IMG_0496

Making Memories

Basically, any time we had a day off, we headed to the coast. The Aegean Sea was breathtaking and it was the place our kids were the happiest. It was shallow for such a long ways out that we never had to worry for their safety and the water was crystal clear. On days where Josh had a morning or afternoon free, we would take time to explore the city as a family. One thing that the Lord did in my heart this summer was remind me how precious it is to be present in the moment – in the US I am the queen of multitasking. But something about being overseas and being fully present with Josh and the kids stirred in me a fresh desire to slow down my life here in the states.

IMG_1220IMG_1309IMG_1322Sweet birthday girl Ruth! IMG_1368Many afternoons were spent in courtyards chasing pigeons. IMG_0314IMG_0328IMG_1528IMG_1479Ermou StreetIMG_0468IMG_1602My kids consumed a ridiculous amount of soda this summer…IMG_0278Mars Hill! IMG_0280Our first time finding grass! IMG_0281IMG_0283IMG_0284IMG_0285IMG_0286IMG_0289IMG_0290IMG_0291IMG_0295IMG_0296IMG_0299IMG_0301IMG_0303IMG_0307The day I forgot my baby carrier…I improvisedIMG_0308IMG_1677IMG_0309IMG_0310

Amazing Hydra

And as our summer mission ended, we sent our American students home on a plane and got the amazing opportunity to travel with our co-leaders for a quick family vacation. Once you are in Greece, travel, food, and lodging are very inexpensive. So for about the same price as a Branson vacation, we were able to take a ferry to the Greek Island of Hydra for 3 nights! Hydra is the most amazing place I’ve ever visited. The island has ZERO cars or bikes, so you can only travel by foot or donkey! It is majestic. Our time there was such a sweet gift from the Lord and we truly showed up in the states feeling refreshed.

IMG_0311IMG_0312Literally the best day of Micah’s life. IMG_0313IMG_0314His dreams coming true riding a donkey through the city…IMG_0315IMG_0316This girl waited all summer to buy a hat and she wore it every minute from this point forward.IMG_0317Heaven must be something like this..IMG_0318IMG_0319IMG_0320The view from the roof of our Air bnb.IMG_0321IMG_0322IMG_0323Dad life. IMG_0324IMG_0325IMG_0326IMG_0330IMG_0331IMG_0334He is officially a threenager.
IMG_0352If visiting Hydra isn’t on your bucket list, now is a good time to add it. IMG_0353IMG_0354

Faithful Friends  

IMG_0356Our co-leaders Meredith and Colin and their baby girl Selah – we had so much fun with them this summer!

I might tear up trying to put words to how precious these friends are to us. Meet Anahit and Giannis, Greek national staff with Cru (its called Agape in Europe). A few years back they were in the states raising support and stayed with us for a few nights. We have been friends ever since. It was such a honor to be with them. I am convinced they are Jesus’ favorite. They are faithful, oh so faithful, to serving Him. They long for every single Greek college student to know Jesus. And while they worked their butts off, they still made every effort to make us feel so special. They brought meals, loved our parents well, made our kids oh so happy, and always checked in to see what we needed. Our last night in Athens was July 4 so they showed up in stars and stripes with a meal for us and spent the night eating and having fun together. I told Jesus I long to be their next door neighbors in heaven and I think it will delight Jesus to see that prayer through.

Home at last….

Traveling home was friggin exhausting.

But we made it! And my AMAZING MAMA was waiting for us at the airport to surprise us when our flight landed in KC at midnight. She made adjusting back home so easy and fun. The woman even organized my kitchen to surprise me! Super JuJu!!!


Well there it is. Our summer in Greece. I had to leave so many details out. Like the time Ruth got stabbed in the leg with a kalamaki skewer, and the time Josh shoved a pick-pocket…oh well…

If you are ever close by, come over for a real life cup of coffee and we will share all the silly stories! Thanks for stopping by and reading some about our summer. Thank you for praying for the people we got to meet and share the Gospel with this summer! We are grateful for you!

The Fielekes Go Greek

In just 7 days our family will *If I can get my tush in gear and pack for 6 people* be packed up and headed to the airport to take off on our Cru Summer Mission to Athens, Greece.

Cru at KU has had a partnership in Athens for many years and its been our joy to see the ministry to college students in Athens grow over time. We send students there every summer and we send STINTERS there on yearly trips. It has been our prayer for a long time for Greek people to know Jesus and experience His love for them.

Last year we started sensing God asking our family to take a step of faith and serve in Greece. We prayed about moving there for a year but ultimately felt God leading us to spend the summer there leading a group of college students on a 6 week mission trip. We are thrilled to lead alongside our friends and co-laborers from here at KU who are also bringing their daughter.

I often explain to students that faith is a tunnel you walk through in obedience to God. We take Him at His Word and obey not knowing what the outcome will be. We know because of scripture that God’s will is for people from every tribe, tongue, and nation to know Him. And even though we serve in full time vocational ministry, Josh and I sometimes find our faith muscle growing weak. Its easy to start depending on our own strength, ability, and resources. As we prayed about Greece, we sensed God asking us to step out in faith and say yes to this mission trip before we had the answers or solutions to some of our ‘how do we get there’ questions.

We’ve learned that the only way to grow our faith muscle is to step out in faith without wavering. So we said yes. We started making plans for the summer even though the finances weren’t there and the details were overwhelming.

A friend asked, “What if you don’t get the money you need and the details don’t fall into place?” And by faith, and God’s grace, I answered, “Its not an option. God has said go so He will meet every need. Its what he does because faithful is who He is.”

A week ago Sunday, Josh told me a hard reality,  “Plane flights are booked. Air BNBs are confirmed. 7 students are coming with us. And we still need $8,000.” Gulp.

So we prayed. We asked God to provide $5,000 last week. He provided in amazing ways. A friend came to mind while we were praying and they sent $500. Another friend of our ministry sent thousands of dollars in a one time gift. God provided $6,000 last week. I like to picture Him smiling and saying, “Don’t forget who I am. I am the God who does immeasurably MORE than you can ask for.”

I write this for two reasons. One, God says our testimony is powerful. Maybe he is asking you to step out in faith in some way… maybe lead a Bible Study, reach out to a neighbor, serve at church, foster or adopt, serve the community, share about Jesus with a loved one, switch jobs, or anything else. So here is a reminder from one friend to another, faith is a tunnel you walk through. God won’t provide the answer or fix every detail BEFORE you step out in faith. He will meet you AS you step out in faith.

Without faith, it is impossible to please God. Anyone who comes to Him must believe that He exists and rewards those who earnestly seek Him.

The second reason I write this is a step of faith for me personally. I deeply value our friends and partners who keep up with our lives through this blog. And if God prompts you as you are reading this to partner with us prayerfully or financially for our trip we would be honored to link arms with you. If you are led to pray for us, will you shoot me an email and let me know so I can add you to our prayer letter list for monthly updates? If you are led to give to our trip, would you be a part of God answering our prayers for the $2,000 we still need by giving a gift of $100, $200 or any other amount? You can give a tax deductible gift here:


Thank you for stopping by. Thanks for prayers and for loving us well. We can’t wait to work with university students in Athens and share with them the best news we’ve ever heard.

Life lately…

It has been about a month since I’ve shared an update and I’m not quite sure how time flew by so quickly. Every mama I know says spring is like a tornado of all the things to do and I’m right there too. Between work, school, church, and fun, we have been soaking in all the fun and staying super busy.

Heres a little peek at life lately…

mV4zoD+3Tey6IhxzG4svkAFinally towards the end of April, the sun started coming out! So we celebrated one night with burgers at our favorite spot. IMG_3010Abi and I road tripped with Ste to our 10th annual palace reunion in Stillwater, OK.
IMG_3009I love these women so darn much. IMG_3058Park dates with friends are such a sweet spot in our spring. IMG_3068Every night after dinner, we go on a family walk around the block. I love this view. IMG_3092Our big girls had their Spring Concert at school and sang their little hearts out!IMG_3096Daddy has squeezed in date nights with his girls over the last few weeks. He makes them swoon. IMG_3135And spoils them rotten…IMG_3099Oh hey pretty.
IMG_3107More park dates after school! This was after a particularly rough week of the stomach bug taking us down one by one…IMG_3124Our sweet ones had a lemonade stand and our neighbors helped run it. Can you believe they made 40 dollars?!?! They were so excited to give it all away to their school building fundraiser.
IMG_3181Daddy hung a rope swing in the tree for our ninja warriors in training.
IMG_3131We hosted Sunday night dinner a few last times for our Cru at KU students. You would be gobsmacked at how fast this food disappears.

And on Cinco De Micah our little boy turned THREE. How in the world is that possible. He was a baby just yesterday. He didn’t want a party this year. He just wanted to go to the zoo and have an ice cream cake. IMG_3164So our fam, JuJu, and sweet C spent a fun day at the zoo seeing all the animals. IMG_3160

Dad and I bought Micah laser guns for his birthday. So naturally, Micah went with Josh to Cru on campus and played laser gun tag all night long. He is obsessed.


Grammy and Grandpa made Bub’s bday complete and brought his favorite puppy, Sophie, with them to celebrate.


Juju treated us to coffee on campus before she headed home after a fun weekend.


My favorite people in the world.


Ruth and Lydia had last Monday off school so we had a fun family day at home. I should note that I had NO IDEA they had the day off because I’m responsible like that. So they had to inform me the day of…


This precious one turns 6 tomorrow! We got her an off-brand fit bit and gave it to her early. She’s been running in literal circles around the house trying to get her step count as high as possible.


We leave the country in 11 days and we will be gone through July. So our weeks have been packed FULL of appointments: dentist, doctor, haircuts, specialists, etc. The only perk of them is the fun treats we get afterwards for good behavior. Yesterday sweet Ru got her 2nd filling like a champ so Abi and I treated her to a vanilla steamer. (I’ll post a summer update in the next few days!)


Occasionally, I get completely overwhelmed by the giant summer ahead of us and Josh sends me away for a few hours to get my head on straight and fill my body full of caffeine.


Our Ru girl got to give a report on a First Lady (Louisa Adams) at school this week in front of 1-6th graders. She was fabulous. How cute are these kiddos?!?


Well, I think we are all caught up. This is my view this morning while I update the blog and wait to go get Bitty for a less than pleasant appt she has scheduled today. Her reward for good behavior is going to be doing a Breakout Room with friends later so fingers crossed she doesn’t bite or punch the doc! (when she was three she spanked a doc and demanded her money back, so….)

For those considering Easter…

Social media is a peculiar place. It is a platform that proves to be a blessing when you want to stay connected to new and old friends around the world. It is also a tragic place full of judgement and harsh words that cowardly people are empowered to use because a computer screen is separating them from the real people that their words are wounding.

Christians aren’t exempt from this new-age debacle. I would imagine you, like me, have seen ugly words from ‘christians’ on your social media screens who have mixed their spiritual life with an extreme form of politics and proudly boasted their support of men and women who represent much that is opposed to the way of Jesus. Likewise, many without a Christian world-view who would still say they are proponents of peace have found their way into my newsfeed attacking anyone with world-views that they don’t understand.

I’ve found that the cure for this WIDE gap of misunderstanding is proximity.

Last night, twenty or so college students filled my house for dinner and I would imagine many of them see the world through a different lens than I do. I would imagine we voted for different leaders and we read very different books. Some of them pray to the same God I do and some of them don’t pray at all. But proximity, being near to each other and sharing a meal, breaks down our borders. I see myself in them and they see themselves in me. While we may disagree on much, they hold my kiddos gentle in their arms and I adore them.

So this Holy Week, when millions of Christians are celebrating the resurrection of Jesus around the world, I would like to extend a virtual arm of proximity. I’ll be candid with you and you can try to love me in spite of how differently we might see the world. If you’re considering Easter this year, let me tell you about why I follow this Jesus who we believe was crucified on Friday and rose back to life on Sunday, defeating death and sin forever. 

Last Sunday I didn’t want to go to church. Just being candid. I wanted to sit at home in pjs and read. But there’s something sacred about gathering around with other people on their faith journeys. So we went. And while I was sitting in worship, self absorbed in my daunting to-do list for the day, we started singing. Slowly my eyes started looking up.

I saw the couple who ministers at the jail sitting with the woman they call friend who just happens to be an ex-convict.

I saw the teen mom and teen dad snuggling their adorable one year old and singing loud songs of praise to the God who has carried them through a big journey for people so young to take.

I saw the young woman I adore who God made with different abilities than you and I and her arms raised high in praise to the Jesus she loves.

Then as a ragamuffin body of Jesus followers, we started talking to Him. A woman behind me prayed for her dying friend. Someone prayed for the hopeless and asked God to give them mercy. Men prayed for each other and the struggles they are facing. And the man who struggles with addiction and has found himself behind bars started praying for our government. He asked Jesus to be with the leaders of our state and nation. He told Jesus thank you for them. He prayed the most loving prayers over men and women who didn’t think twice about locking him up. And while he prayed, this man was sitting right next to an affluent couple who look so put together but they sat closer than acquaintances. They sat like family sits. Proximity.

If you’ve never felt broken, unable, ashamed, hopeless then I assume you aren’t considering Easter much this year.

I lived those years. But my heart was so empty by the time I was 18, I couldn’t take much more. Partying only satisfied me one night at a time. I felt broken and full of shame about my choices. I longed to be loved unconditionally but I knew that if there was a holy, perfect God, I didn’t have much in common with Him. I doubted love could be found in some heavenly being or spiritual rituals.

Jesus agreed. So He chose proximity.

God has always perfectly existed. Glory. He was happy and fulfilled lacking no good thing. But we were far from him and unable to make ourselves perfect. Our sin problem caused suffering, fear, and brokenness of every kind. Christmas tells part of the story. God chose to put on flesh like a robe and leave the glory of heaven to become a helpless baby. He chose to be near. God with us.

Easter tells us the rest of the story. Jesus lived the perfect life that no one else has ever been able to live. He never chose selfishness or pride. He never let ambition cloud his love for others. He never failed to obey God His Father even when it costs his reputation dearly. He chose poverty when he could have easily been clothed in riches. He chose mercy when He was able to stand in judgement. And while his followers tried to follow in his footsteps, failing miserably, he loved them and washed their feet.

Perfect love clothed in flesh because he knew we needed proximity. Then he chose to die as a sacrifice for our sin. Nails didn’t hold him on the cross, love did. And when he chose to die, it was to ruin the power of sin and death so we could be his children. Instead of only knowing there is a Holy God, we can be known fully and loved fully by Jesus, our Redeemer.

So this week if you are considering Easter and we were sitting around the dinner table, I would want you to know that no matter what lifestyle you lead or choices you make, you are loved.  I know a God who is so busy being crazy about you, He doesn’t have any time to dislike you. Any rebellion you’ve chosen doesn’t phase Him a bit. Before you were born, He took care of it.

And this Holy Week, if you would like to know more about this Jesus, friend of sinners, you can talk to Him. He is alive and listening. Always near. Proximity matters to Him.


10 Days of Easter

10 DAys of eAster.png

Y’all might not know all that much about me… You might not know that I get anxious just talking about dental work (like poop my pants anxious). You might not know that one of my life goals is to be on a Shark Vacuum infomercial because I love my Shark with my whole entire heart. You might not know that I have the vocabulary of a conservative sailor. Somewhere in between f-bombs and Mother Theresa is where I try to land….

BUT if you’ve ever read this blog, you know that I LOVE EASTER. My whole world view hinges on this one day. I believe with every fiber of my being that Jesus really did die and come back to life again, conquer sin forever, take the sting out of death, and make a way for us to have abundant life on earth and eternal life with God in glory. Its just a tad bit life changing.

As a family we take just about every opportunity to celebrate. “Oh you did good on a spelling pre-test? LETS GET ICE CREAM!” So you better bet, at Easter time, we go all out. I want our family to have a chance to celebrate our Risen King together. But y’all know that with kids, we can’t just sit around on the couches and sing hymns out of a hymnal and think they are going to have the time of their lives. So I’ve gotten creative about how our family celebrates Easter.

And I want to share the wealth. Its supposed to take a village right? I can’t potty train my toddler for the life of me… but 10 Days of Easter, thats my jam. So here are links to our 10 Days of Easter – Free Family Devotionals

Here is how we celebrate 10 Days of Easter with our toddlers.

Here is how we celebrate 10 Days of Easter with our preschool age kiddos. 

Here is how we celebrate 10 Days of Easter with our elementary age kiddos. 

We would love for you to join us this year! I am taking today’s sick day with fluish kiddos and printing out the materials for 10 days of Easter.

Jesus is alive, friends. And it changes EVERYTHING.

March – The Month I Love

Most mornings, when its still dark outside, I peel my tired butt out of bed and tail it to the coffee pot. Because Josh Fieleke is the man of my dreams, he makes coffee for me faithfully almost every night so that the smell can woo me out of bed in the mornings. Coffee in one hand and baby Abigail nestled in the other arm, I walk into the big girl’s bedroom and whisper them awake. Soon Josh and Micah will follow.

We do the same thing each morning. The girls climb on the couches and raise the curtains for me. Snuggled up under cozy blankets with books sprawled around us, we wait. Eventually Micah pitter patters down the hallway to join us. And finally when the light is coming, I say the same thing every morning, “Kids look! The sun is waking up!” And we watch the light consume the dark together.

As sure as dawn breaks,
    so sure is his daily arrival.
He comes as rain comes,
    as spring rain refreshing the ground.”  Hosea 6:3 MSG

And so my prayer journal repeats over and over again each day, “Good Morning Daddy.”

I need it to be true, that His arrival is so sure – daily that He is with me. I believe it to be true with my whole heart. But winter comes. And the grey about does me in. I start to feel like He might be far away or that He may have turned his face from me. There isn’t a bit of truth to those feelings but they bound in each winter. So I’ve got to watch the sun wake up and tune my heart to sing along with one of my favorite songs, “As surely as the sun will rise, you’ll come to us.” I have to watch the light creep into every corner of the darkness and remind myself of the Gospel Truth – that is what He is doing in me, even when I can’t feel it.

I know its only March 1 but can we just declare that winter is over?!?! It needs to be over. March is the month I love. March means spring is near. A reminder that what once was dead will sprout up with new life. A reminder of the empty tomb.

The most amazing thing happened on this March 1 morning. While I sat in that same spot on the couch where I watch for the sun each morning, the grey was gone. The sun was beamed in on me and it warmed my neck, down to my shoulder, and onto my arms. I bet I whispered to Him, “Thank you for that” 20 times today. Spring is coming and I’m ever so grateful. Plus Abi and I look good in florals so….LETS DO THIS SPRING!