March – The Month I Love

Most mornings, when its still dark outside, I peel my tired butt out of bed and tail it to the coffee pot. Because Josh Fieleke is the man of my dreams, he makes coffee for me faithfully almost every night so that the smell can woo me out of bed in the mornings. Coffee in one hand and baby Abigail nestled in the other arm, I walk into the big girl’s bedroom and whisper them awake. Soon Josh and Micah will follow.

We do the same thing each morning. The girls climb on the couches and raise the curtains for me. Snuggled up under cozy blankets with books sprawled around us, we wait. Eventually Micah pitter patters down the hallway to join us. And finally when the light is coming, I say the same thing every morning, “Kids look! The sun is waking up!” And we watch the light consume the dark together.

As sure as dawn breaks,
    so sure is his daily arrival.
He comes as rain comes,
    as spring rain refreshing the ground.”  Hosea 6:3 MSG

And so my prayer journal repeats over and over again each day, “Good Morning Daddy.”

I need it to be true, that His arrival is so sure – daily that He is with me. I believe it to be true with my whole heart. But winter comes. And the grey about does me in. I start to feel like He might be far away or that He may have turned his face from me. There isn’t a bit of truth to those feelings but they bound in each winter. So I’ve got to watch the sun wake up and tune my heart to sing along with one of my favorite songs, “As surely as the sun will rise, you’ll come to us.” I have to watch the light creep into every corner of the darkness and remind myself of the Gospel Truth – that is what He is doing in me, even when I can’t feel it.

I know its only March 1 but can we just declare that winter is over?!?! It needs to be over. March is the month I love. March means spring is near. A reminder that what once was dead will sprout up with new life. A reminder of the empty tomb.

The most amazing thing happened on this March 1 morning. While I sat in that same spot on the couch where I watch for the sun each morning, the grey was gone. The sun was beamed in on me and it warmed my neck, down to my shoulder, and onto my arms. I bet I whispered to Him, “Thank you for that” 20 times today. Spring is coming and I’m ever so grateful. Plus Abi and I look good in florals so….LETS DO THIS SPRING!





3 thoughts on “March – The Month I Love

  1. Sarah Weipert says:

    I love your blog! Want to hear something interesting? I love dreary days. Wierd, I know. I am not sure what it is…maybe the sky is hanging low and it makes me feel cozy and safe. My condotion is called “pluviophilia”. You, my friend, are pluviophobic.
    But even this pluviophile is enjoying the sun!

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