March: The month I love

March means Spring to me. Probably because I can’t stand winter another minute by March 1.

Every winter I dream of moving to Florida. I don’t even like Florida that much but in the middle of winter, I could be convinced to moving just about anywhere warm.

March 1, I decorate for Spring. (Ok it was actually February 28 but you don’t have to know that.) I think I do this every year. And every year, Josh smiles warmly, knowingly and says He likes my new decorations.



March is full of little things, like new candles that smell like Spring to me. Candles that fill my house with the smell of all things being made new. (And this candle is as close to Essential Oils as I’m going to get… my ‘oily’ friends love me in spite of this.) But seriously, if you want to get excited about Spring, head to Target and buy this candle ASAP. I can’t even.



Today, March means that even though we had a rough night of tummy troubles, there are smiles for miles today.

I don’t think any of my excitement really has anything to do with it being March. Really, it is just the God given longing I have for new life, bright colors, ultimately… Eden. My longing is for Eden. In Eden it must have been spring. Please don’t try to convince me otherwise, you’ll send this messy mama straight to counseling.

March means Easter is coming, soon, with the promise of us being made new. So in anticipation, I made some Easter Coloring Pages for my girls and I to work on. I thought I would share them with anyone who needs a little SPRING-IS-COMING-EXCITEMENT sent their way: (Just click the link to get access to the PDF files) They are free people, so keep this in mind when printing, you get what you pay for : )


Hope you enjoy!

Love, Mama Maddi who can’t freaking wait for Easter this year.

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