Does anyone want to know what happened to my toothbrush today???

My all time favorite posts to write are “A day in the life….” Gosh, this raising a family business goes by WAY too fast. You can catch some old ones here and here and here

Today I woke up and remembered that I usually do one of these every winter and I haven’t yet this year. Honestly the weekdays are nuts. I can’t take pictures all day – I can barely eat. So I thought a sabbath Sunday would be a fun day to document and look back on. Here is a day in our life (SABBATH REST STYLE) – March 1, 2020

7:30 am – Abi woke me up but I asked Josh to let me sleep in. At 8, he brought me a cup of coffee and I decided to join him in the living room.

Before I sat down, I cracked the window to listen to the birds sing!!!


Opened this book – I am only a few pages in but so encouraged.


After 3O min of reading, I instinctively reached for my phone which meant it was time for my daily App delete…I delete Insta each day and don’t download it again until after 4 pm. So embarrassing that I have to do it but so good for my heart.


8:35 am – My Lydia Joy is a MORNING PERSON. It has taken 7 years and TONS of work but she now allows us to move slowly while she moves at the speed of a freight train in the AM. Notice the high heels – she has been fully dressed since 7 am.


8:41 – Joshua Peter, the love of my life, sitting in front of our sun lamp tells me the BEST NEWS…


I immediately text Rebecca ALL ABOUT IT….


SPRING PEOPLE. Maybe not real spring but lets just run with it (I decorated for easter yesterday and transplanted some of my ivy from the living room.


9 am – Micah puts on his favorite shark tooth necklace from our sweet C.


Lydia invites us all to Lan Lah Lah Spa.


10:21 – church starts in 10 minutes and I am hunting for my toothbrush. Finally, I ask the kids and a certain child starts to blush. “Oh ya, I had to borrow it yesterday.” Oh really…I say, “Why could you possibly have to borrow my toothbrush?!?” The guilty child says, “Well, I needed to clean some really awesome dirty rocks I found in the yard.”


10:33 – we head out the door to church 3 minutes late.




12:30 – Big fun happy visitor is here.


Our sweet Jack. He went to live with our sweet friends, The Johnsons. It is much better this way. They are happy. We are happy. He is happy.  But they are gracious and let us watch him for the day while they go out of town! Micah is in heaven.


12:50 – we head out on a walk around the block. We get to visit with neighbors and watch the kids enjoy the 60 degree weather.


1-3 – We played outside with neighbors while Abi naps on the couch. I love Ruth’s silly smile.


3:10 Lydia and I start drawing pictures while our brownies bake in the oven and Rebecca texts and suggests we go on a long walk.


3:15 I leave my pic behind and go on a 3 mile walk with my bestie. Yesterday we walked and prayed. Today, we walked and planned our future 11 person bunker for the Coronavirus. Ugh. But it was delightful and my butt will look better in a swimsuit thanks to her.


4:45 – I’m home and the kids are still playing with neighbors. Josh and our neighbor, Ryan, are doing something with a ladder in his yard. I look at the clock and the dishes and decide tonight is a perfect night for pizza. I convinced my sweet Abs to come with me to pick it up.


Micah is so happy about his visitor.


5:45 – pizza, salad, peaches and brownies. All the important food groups.


I love him.


6:30 – Josh heads to a church meeting and the kids are still running like crazy. How are they not tired yet. They pillow fight and I pour myself a glass of wine.


6:35 I convince them to chill and watch America’s Funniest Home Videos.


7 – I do 2 loads of laundry EVERY DAY. That way I never get behind. But I didn’t do any yesterday so today was a 4 load day. I tell the kids to load in Mom’s bed and help me sort.


He gives me butterfly kisses and I let them all out of laundry duty. We watch a new episode of When Calls the Heart while I fold laundry and update the kids on appointments, classes, and weekly schedule stuff.


8:10 – these two decide its a sleepover in Bub’s room kind of night. They fall asleep most nights listening to Wow in the World podcast.


These two are telling each other stories with lots of butt and poop jokes. I tell them goodnight and Dad snuggles them to bed while I keep folding laundry, doing dishes, and sanitizing all the counters – it might be pretend spring but germs are a *****.

Thats all for tonight.

Now its 9:49 and I just blogged in bed while Josh car shops on his computer.

Hope everyone had a great March 1! Thanks for stopping by. Unknown


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