A Week in Our Life – January 2017

Some of my favorite bloggers frequently document a week or a day in their lives. And some of my all time favorite memories are documented in our blog over the last 5 years in the small, mundane details of our lives. So I’m starting a little series I will update a few times a year called “A Week in Our Life” I just can’t wait to look back in 5 years at all the little day to day details that I will have long forgotten and remember how sweet our time together as a young family really was.

So here it is – A Week in Our Life from January 25, 2017 through February 1, 2017.

Wednesday Jan. 25

8  am – out the door to get Ruth and Bitty to school. Run by a quick doc appt. and then Micah and I hung with my friend Jenny and her twin girls for a few hours.

11:30 am – pick up Bitty from school and head home for my “Mama time off”

12-4 pm – Blog, rest, read my Bible and prep for my Cru talk Thursday night IMG_7718.JPG

4pm – Ruth out the door to gymnastics

5 pm- Josh and Ruth home. Dinner as a family and play time together. IMG_7797.JPG

7pm – Surprise visit from sweet Is while her parents went out to grab some much needed alone time and I ask Josh to take a million pics of her and I so she will know how much she liked me when she is older.


10 pm – in bed and fast asleep!

Thursday Jan. 26

8 am – Ruth out the door to school and plop kids down in front of the tv to clean, clean, clean my messy house! A few snuggles and lots of play dough playing trickled throughout my cleaning breaks


11 am – I convince the kids to go to TJ Maxx with me and I buy one too many goodies. Oops. Always happens at TJ Maxx.

12 pm – Visit from Kristi and her littles – so fun to watch Lydia run wild with Hadley.

3:20 pm – Pick up Ru from school and bring home Brooke, Baya, and Aaron (aka my other 3 kids)

4:30 pm – Rebecca swings by to grab her 3 kiddos and I talk her into staying for a quick cup of coffee.

5 pm – dinner as a Fam (Every Thursday night is breakfast for dinner)

6:30 pm – I’m out the door to head to our Cru weekly meeting on campus while Josh does bedtime with the kiddos.

8 pm – I taught out of 2 Timothy at Cru and loved meeting lots of new students!

10 pm – in bed with my love after a loooonnggg day

Friday Jan. 27

8 am – Ruth and Lydia off to school. Micah and I grab coffee and go to Jenny’s new house and dream up decorating ideas with her. It’s going to be so great!

11 am – Run by chiropractor because my kids ninja kick me all night long.

11:30 am – Micah and I pick up Bitty, head home for a lunch with Daddy.

12:30 – 1:30 pm – Meal prep and shop for 12 students and staff for their overnight leadership retreat. Sidenote- I wish I could make a job out of grocery shopping. I love it.

1:30 -3 pm – help Josh pack up (the kids and I are staying home this time) and get out the door. My Mama, aka JuJu, shows up!

3:20 pm – Pick up Ruth and SURPRISE JuJu is waiting for her at home. Also, go back to grocery store because I don’t have groceries of my own for dinner.

4-8 pm – Play, play, play like wild monkeys because, did I mention JuJu is here?!?IMG_7739.JPGIMG_7736.JPG

8 pm – Kids are in bed and I show my Mom IMOMSOHARD videos on youtube and we both end up laughing so hard we are crying .

10 pm – attempt to go to bed, play musical beds because my KIDS NEVER SLEEP.

11 pm – go to bed, for real.

Saturday Jan. 28

The day got away from me because, JuJu was in town and I felt complete freedom to be a lazy mommy. We ran errands. Lydia asked if Juju would buy her a toy, so Target was a must. Micah drank yogurt smoothies all day. And Ruth insisted on playing 39 rounds of Ruckus. Also, Rebecca texted and asked what I was up to, so I sent her a selfie of me relaxing because I could – GRANDMA IS HERE!!! WOOOO!



3 pm – Josh got home and he was exhausted but he said our students are awesome and they planned exciting outreaches on campus for the semester.

3:45 – We had an appointment for our first ever couples massage with a gift certificate someone near and dear to us had given us for Christmas. It was amazing.IMG_7754.JPG

5:30 pm –  I packed up Ruth and we took her to her first ever sleepover birthday party (we didn’t do the sleepover part, I brought her home at 9) but I did shed a few tears because she is just so darn grown.

6 pm – Home for dinner and Josh said an Elder from our church saw him out buying pizza and grabbed our check. I love our church and I love our people so darn much.

8 pm – I leave to go get Ru, Josh puts Micah down and crashes for the night. Juju puts down Lydia and I decided we need a live-in nanny/gma.

9 pm – Juju and I make a Ruth sandwich and make her tell us every detail about her fun big girl party.


Sunday Jan. 28

8:30 am  – Josh woke up early with the kids and wakes me up with coffee. I swoon.

10:30 am  – bye bye to JuJu and out the door to church.

12:30 pm – lunch at home as a family and meal plan for the week

1:30 – 3:30 pm  – I’m out the door to grocery shop

3:30 -6 pm – cook my tail off for Sunday Night Dinner

6 – 10 pm – watch 30 or so college students trickle in and out while they grab dinner, laugh a lot, jump on the trampoline with our kids, and get to know each other better

11 pm – Josh and I are in bed, falling asleep before our heads hit the pillow.

Monday Jan 29

8 am – 11 am – Run Ruth and Lydia to school, Micah and I head home to meet Josh. Josh grabs Micah and takes him to get a haircut at the Barber. I switch laundry loads, clean last nights dishes and paint in the quiet.


11 am – Rebecca runs by and we catch up and go get Bitty from school while Micah naps and Daddy works from his home office.

12:30 pm – Lydia wants to make muffins so we decide to make a double batch. We pray together that God would bring someone to mind we could share our muffins with.

1:30 – 3 pm- Micah and Bitty snuggle and watch a show while I clean more. IT NEVER ENDS. OUR TOILETS ARE SO DIRTY.

3 pm – A friend from church posts on facebook that another mom from church ran out of food and needs some help getting by. We tell God thank you for providing and run over some muffins and groceries on our way to pick up Ruth from school.

4-5 pm – Cook and visit and laugh at my crazies who decided none of our current seating options were ideal.


5 pm – 8 pm Brooke and Baya come over to Babysit our oldest two while Josh, Micah and I go to church small group at the Gilliland’s. We are gearing up to study Judah Smith’s Life Is:  

8:30 pm – Kids in bed, Burgess girl’s home, and Josh and I crash in bed.

Tuesday Jan. 31

8 am – Ru to school, clean dishes, catch up with Josh for a few minutes

9-12 – Staff meeting at our house while Ali babysits and the kids try to convince her to spend the entire morning outside.

12 – 2 pm convince Lydia to relax with me while Micah naps and realize somehow I am once again out of groceries.

2-3 pm – Lydia, Micah and I go back to Aldi’s then get Ru from school.

3-5 pm – cook dinner, catch up on laundry, and answer a few work emails.

6 – Out the door with Ru and Lydia for dance – it’s picture night. Ruth orchestrated some of the other older siblings into a cartwheel competition.


7:30 – Home with girls, snuggle sweet sleepy Micah to bed and head out the door for a quick girl’s night with Kristi – who I happened to dress exactly like. Ha.


9:30 – Home in bed and catching up on life with Josh.

Well, there ya have it – A Week in Our Life.

I wish I could look through a week in your life too and I am really impressed if you made it all the way through Our’s! I know it is busy, chaotic, and full to the brim, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.








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