A Weekend in Our Life

Without fail, every time one of the kiddos gets a puke bug and I’m stuck up holding the barf bucket all night, I get lost in re-reading old blog posts about our family. Not because I’m a narcissist – at least I hope not – but because it always reminds me how friggin fast these years are flying by and it gives me hope that the puking will cease. My favorite blog posts to go back and read aren’t the ones that are more popular – they are our Week in the Life posts because I forget the little moments that make up our ordinary. (Check out a few old ones here and here)

This year feels like my life is crazy and being spent herding cats so a Week in the Life post felt out of reach. Instead, I documented this weekend with my phone camera and put the pics together for a Weekend in Our Life post. Enjoy! Or don’t because we both know I will next time a kid turns green in the face : )

Friday February 1, 2019

c7QMtVkRRfKamCTo%XLY1QSometime around 1, Abi cried and came to our bed and I grabbed this picture because sweet snuggly Daddy’s arms are the best place to sleep.


Josh let me sleep in because I spoke at Cru on Thursday night and got home late. So he woke me up with a cup of coffee at 7 am and asked for help with the girl’s hair.

Got the girls off to school by 7:50 and Josh had an hour at home before his work meetings started for the day. He played with Abs and Micah while we talked weekend schedules, caught up on life, and I vacuumed up dog hair off all the floors.

Josh left for work at 9 am and Jackie brought over baby Chloe at 9:30 for a visit. She is THE SWEETEST!!! We chatted and chased babies for the morning.

Micah turned on Incredibles 2 at some point around 11 because he thought we were boring.


Rebecca swung by around 12 for a quick cup of coffee and Chloe snuggles.


Micah’s movie ended and he wanted to snuggle the baby. He adored her and said, “Wow hers eyes is soooooo beautiful.” Then I gave him candy and bubble gum because he is insanely sweet.


Josh got home from meetings around 2 and grabbed a quick turn loving sweet Chloe before heading to his home office.


Jackie and Chloe took off and headed home around 2:30 and Abs wanted some blueberries. Josh left to pick up the girl’s from school and we knew they would be super excited because they both had friends coming home with them for a fun playdate and pizza dinner.


Lydia and her friend Jules got dressed up in TuTu’s right away and made a play dough bake shop. The girls are usually pretty great about letting Micah hang too. He usually plays Puppy and makes them call him Scout. Josh worked on his phone on the couch for a while, answering emails but keeping me company at the same time!


At 5:15 pizza got delivered and two sweet KU students came over to join us. Nate and Paige were so fun and even played silly dinner table games with us and read books to the littles.


Micah talked the big girls into watching Incredibles 2 again. (Thanks for the movie, Netflix!)


Micah started crashing, aka kicking sisters in the face, so we read books until Katy and Jules parents stopped by to pick them up at 8.


Girl’s showered quickly and we read a bedtime story. (Currently reading Pilgrim’s Progress )

Saturday February 2, 2019


Abs, Josh and Jack our puppy woke up at 5:45 am.


My alarm went off at 6:15 and I went straight for the coffee. I woke the kids up at 6:45 and they got dressed and made themselves breakfast (I have a soapbox speech about the kids making their own meals sometimes if you ever want to hear it….nah, you probably don’t).

Our friend Sara came over at 7:45 and we headed to a women’s conference at Eagle Creek in Lee’s Summit. My SIL and BIL and cousins attend there and Sara’s sis is the youth pastor. Josh dropped she and I off at 9 and took the 4 kids to our fam’s house for a cousin playdate.


I sent Josh a selfie and instantly regretted it because CRAZY EYES.


I got to talk to the youth girls about God’s embarrassing, absurd, relentless love for them. What a privilege.


Around 11 Josh sent a picture as proof Abi was still happy.


After the conference was over around 11:45 we left with my sweet SIL Natalie and headed to David’s office – Cornerstone Dermatology (go see him! He’s the best!) – where he and Josh were hanging some new artwork.


We made a Starbucks run, totally for me, but we shared and brought the kiddos vanilla steamers. We headed home around 1:15 because Jack the pup needed to be let out to pee….: )


Ruth and I snuck away to Josh and I’s bedroom to watch Harry Potter 4 and we cried when Cedric died. Then we talked about how Heaven is the sweetest promise and how thankful we are that Jesus took the sting out of death for us. We are always trying to find one-on-one time with each kid and man is it hard to carve out but its so special when it happens.

Dinner was a hodge podge of chips, carrots, sandwiches and yogurt tubes and I threw it together while the kids whined because the movie took too long.


Not much to say here except crazy hair girl needed a bath.


I started feeling reeeeaaaallllll tired but it was only 6:45 so I tried to decide if I wanted wine or coffee to make it a few more hours. Wine won. But I didn’t have any….so…..


At 7, while Josh got down the littles, I ran out with Lydia to get supplies for her 100 day of school project and WINE.

Home by 8. Enjoyed the much worked for drink and headed to bed – Josh was already asleep! LOL. Dude, the days are long around here.

Sunday February 3, 2019

Woke up Sunday morning around 7 to find that Lydia had already completed her project. Girl is going to run the world some day because she hits the ground running before 6 daily.


Josh headed to the gym at 8 and I opened the amazon package that was supposed to be Abi’s valentine present…but let’s be honest…it was more for me than for her….Ladies and Gents, I present to you, bell bottom striped overalls.


Church at 10:30. Always so good for my soul to be with family. Let out at 12 and I begged Josh for a cheeseburger.



Made the cutie booty kiddos smile in the parking lot. I ADORE THESE SWEET ONES!!!!!!


Headed home and decided to clean the garage a bit because the weather was so nice.  But fed Abs a bottle and she wanted to snuggle. Josh sent me a text from the garage “Where are you???” I sent him back this with the shoulder shrug emoji…..

Finally joined Josh and helped out. Kids played with neighbors. Came inside at 2:30 and put Abs down for a nap and the kids helped me make cookies and fruit with dip so we could feed students later and share with friends.


3:50, loaded up family 30 min late and headed to our friend’s house to play watch the Super Bowl. The game was VERY unexciting so the kids decided we should all surf down the stairs on mattresses for some excitement. Gosh I love these friends and their fun kiddos.

Left before the game was over at 6:20 to make it home in time for Bible Study with some friends from Haskell FCA.


Josh got kiddos showered and put to bed while Ali, Nicole and I read Philippians 1 and talked about what it means to follow Jesus. These girls are GOLD.

They headed home around 10 and Josh and I talked till midnight – thanks to my 7 pm cup of coffee I had lots of energy.

Wow, that weekend went by fast! Ok, off to get Micah from preschool and I guarantee you that my boy is going to beg for a cheeseburger so I need to grab a healthy snack on my way out the door to try and convince him otherwise….Thanks for stopping by!


One thought on “A Weekend in Our Life

  1. claudiaevans31 says:

    Madison Fieleke you accomplish more in a weekend than I do in a month! I love your energy and love the way you manage to pour into your family and others~often at the same time. 💕

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