Things I’m Loving….

A convo I often have with girlfriends is, “What are you loving lately? What new things do I need to know about your life? Or what products do I need to know about?  What shows or songs should I check out?” Every now and then I post a few on the blog to share with friends….

So here is my December 2018 version of things I’m loving….

JP – I really like this hubs of mine. Like a lot. Time alone is really hard for us to come by so at the very top of my list is alone time with him when it happens! 


Everything Harry Potter – It all started back in college when I read the Harry Potter books and fell madly in love like half the other people on planet earth. Then last summer we let our kids watch the first movie and we went to a Harry Potter themed cafe in Greece and they fell madly in love. Now we are making our way through the books while reading aloud to the kids some nights after dinner. So it only made sense that Halloween this year that our whole family would be HP characters. And being the bestie that she is, Stephanie and her kiddos jumped in on the fun in a heartbeat. I think I look through these pics once a week still and smile ear to ear. So you can pretty much guarantee that some of the kids Christmas presents will be Harry Potter themed because I cannot be stopped.


Zennis! – Ruth and I like to sneak away with books to Starbucks because we are both bookworms through and through. A few friends told me that I should check out Zenni Optical when we found out she needed reading glasses. We love them and the price was lower than anywhere else!


Thrifting – In Heaven, I hope my job is buying junk at thrift stores and fixing it up to go in people’s homes. So on Black Friday when there was a half off sale at one of my favorite spots I bought this little house for 1 dollar and turned it into an advent calendar for the kids. It makes me insanely happy. However its December 5 and the amount of screaming and yelling thats happened the last few days to decide which of the three oldest kids gets to move Santa to the next box points to me being an idiot for thinking an advent calendar would be fun for all. (PS if you are ever in Raymore, MO check out the Bargain Barn!) zBXRT6CoQ6KKFKrMNQKBVQDFwuIAQaQ7+SsJO6xX3Mhw

My new Aldi Sweeper – Guys, I bought this thing on a whim at Aldi and Micah fell in love. My boy sweeps all the floors for me multiple times a day and thinks its a blast. And this has been going on for weeks. Now I don’t know how I survived without a cordless sweeper!
Screen Shot 2018-12-02 at 2.01.00 PM

Big Sisters- They are the best. When Josh was out of town last week and Abi kept waking up at 5, Lydia took a turn one morning entertaining her without me even asking. She just said that Abi crying made her sad so she hopped in her crib with her. And Ruth takes Micah on all the bike rides lately. Gosh I love these kids and their love for each other. 4z1sNL3uQWi5cva8p+yc5QRH+ZrOQ4Q2ux4tPvzUQGqgTiDdR9sqTVWOaFS0AujQLgWbWT7vZ5R%iAXYh1YDhg3g

Advent!- I love advent. Let every heart prepare Him room. Yes, please. We are having fun with our morning devotionals most mornings and the kids are learning new words like “almighty” (See my last post for a link for free advent ornament download)  IMG_3130

Lastly, just please give me all the paper white and amaryllis bulbs. My paper whites got their first bloom on our first morning of advent and my amaryllis bulb has a tiny green shoot that grows a little every day. If you have any friends that could use a pick-me-up these would be the best ever thoughtful gifts for them. They are inexpensive but beautiful! za7U4XHsR+ysbBv7o9PZsA

Ok what about you, friends? Anything you are loving lately that I need to know about?


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