10 Days of Easter

Oh Friends, If ever we needed a Resurrection Day to look forward to, it’s now! Though our hearts are breaking for the suffering this virus is causing, our souls can rejoice in the finished work of Christ. My heart longs to impart joy deep into my kiddo’s hearts by communicating the GOOD NEWS of Easter. I know many of you have the same desire! FFCB63CF-AEDF-453E-8E0D-AF0DFD03B1A8.jpg

If you have been around this blog at all, you know that we LOVE EASTER. We celebrate every year with 10 Days of Easter. I have all of our 10 Days of Easter celebration resources listed for free on the blog. You can do most of them with things from around the house. As of today, Tuesday March 31, 10 Days of Easter starts in 2 days so you have a few days to get ready!

You can find 10 Days of Easter for toddlers here

You can find 10 Days of Easter for littles here

You can find 10 Days of Easter Family Bible Study here

Our plan this year is for our two older girls (9 and 7 years old) to lead our two youngest kids (4 and 2 years old) through the 10 days of Easter for toddlers. Its very interactive and our older two are little teachers at heart so they are excited about discipling their siblings.

I’m all about the resources so here are a few other fun things for you to do to celebrate Easter with your family:

Resurrection Eggs.png

-We do these EVERY DAY of 10 Days of Easter! Heres the printable version: Resurrection Eggs

-We work for The Jesus Film Project and they have incredible an incredible resource called Story Clubs for Kids. These are short video clips from The Jesus Film For Children to help kiddos watch the Gospel on screen in their heart language! There are 174 different languages available! Click the link below


-Listen to Andrew Peterson’s Resurrection Letters albums wherever you stream music. They are amazing and full of Gospel truth.

-Watch the Jesus Storybook Bible version of the Easter Story

-Plan a feast for the King! Every Resurrection Sunday, we throw a giant party and feast for the King. This year with social distancing it will just be our family, but our kids look forward to throwing this every year. We decorate with items we find around the house and eat our favorite foods. We talk a lot about his second coming and long for the great feast we will have in Heaven when He makes all things right!

-What are other things you do to celebrate Easter? Let me know! I would love to hear about your family’s traditions!

He Risen, Friends. It’s the best news I have ever heard.


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