10 Days of Easter


We are creeping up on my ALL TIME FAVORITE holiday. It’s seriously the best day of the year. If you call me, I will probably answer, “He is Risen” with a high pitched giddy voice and wait for you to say, “He is risen indeed!” I realize that most people get this excited at Christmas but I like Spring WAY more than dreary winter. So Easter is my – I’m a crazy nutcase hanging eggs all over my house and singing hymns all the time – Holiday.

This year, I want you to join in the fun! Last year, I planned 12 days of Easter for Ru-girl to help get her excited and wrap her mind around this whole, Jesus died on the cross but now He is RISEN KING, thing. I think I saw the idea somewhere on Pinterest, but because I am a dedicated underachiever, 12 days of Easter became 10 days of Easter, because….well… life happened. 10 days of Easter has a better ring to it anyways, right?

Below is our 10 Days of Easter Activities from last year – feel free to do whatever you want! Ru got super into it and might have some ideas of her own this year. We use the Jesus Storybook Bible at our house by Sally Lloyd-Jones. It is beautiful, I cry at most stories and the pictures are breathtaking. You still have time to order it if you want, just click here. It made lots of our days super special and story time as a family is always special.

*Ideal for kids age 1-3*

Day 1 

– We read Phillipians 2:10-11 from Mommy’s Bible: “That at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, in heaven and on earth and under the earth, and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father.” We talked about how Jesus is King and what a wonderful, kind, and merciful (I don’t think she gets that word but I use it anyways) King He is. Then I taught her how to spell Jesus, wrote it out on paper in dotted letters for her to trace, and then we decorated it. She was so proud of her picture and super proud she learned to spell His name. Obviously, you can do whatever is age appropriate for your kiddos. 

Day 2 


– We read about Jesus feeding the 5,000. In the Jesus Storybook Bible it is called, Filled full! We counted as high as we could and talked about how 5,000 was a lot more than we could count. We picked a yummy cookie recipe to make together and used our hands to make it. First of all it was yummy, but also it was so sweet! We talked about how it takes us a lot of work to make 20 cookies but Jesus is amazing because He can feed everyone He wanted with just 5 loaves and 2 fish. He can make wonderful things out of no-things. We told Him Thanks.

Day 3 


– This was a fun one! We read The Captain of the Storm in our Jesus Storybook Bible.  We put little plastic easter eggs in a tub of water and splashed with our hands and made lots of waves. We tried to yell at the waves to stop but they didn’t. We tried to make the waves stop with our hands but we couldn’t. Then we talked about how Jesus only had to say a word and the storm stopped. He is so awesome, even the wind and the waves obey Him.

Day 4 

– This year it will be Palm Sunday! On this day last year, Ru brought her palm leaf home from church and we played with it all day! We read the story from Matthew 21 in Mommy’s Bible about when Jesus rode into Jerusalem on a donkey and the people laid down palm branches before him. We taught her what ‘Hosanna’ means. We explained, “Mommy and Daddy tell you we love you and think you are so special” Hosanna is what the people shouted to Jesus to tell him they knew He was a really special King. I know this isn’t the most theologically sound thing I have ever taught but it makes sense to a two year old and I think Jesus is great with that. If you have older kids, I think it would be fun to talk about what we want to tell Jesus we love about Him and pray together.

Day 5

– Daddio told Ruth the story from John 9 about Jesus healing the man who had been blind his whole life. We tied a scarf around Ruth’s eyes and told her that is what it looks like for a blind person. We asked her if she would want to try and walk around. She tried and it was clumsy and precious. We asked if she would rather walk in the dark or the light. Then we got to explain to her that Jesus is the light of the World. He saves us from our darkness.

Day 6

– We read the Treasure Hunt story in our Jesus Storybook Bible. We hid some Jewels from the craft store (you could use beads or coins) in a tub full of black beans and let Ru dig in the beans and find all the treasure. (My super woman sis-in-law came up with that craft). We talked about how we are God’s treasure and Jesus came to find us, even though we had run away from God, and paid the price to win us back! We said over and over again all day, “Who is God’s treasure?” Ru had fun saying all of our names in response.

Day 7

-We read Washed with Tears in the Jesus Storybook Bible. We talked about how the woman gave up her greatest treasure to love Jesus. We told her He is Mommy and Daddy’s greatest treasure and He is worth giving up everything to know Him. Then we let her find a hidden treasure we had hid for her in a laundry basket with lots of tissue paper. Let’s be real, it is so fun giving kiddos surprise presents! She got a Gigi God’s little princess book she had been wanting.

Day 8


– Stinky Feet!! Ru’s all time favorite story was so fun to talk about. We read it in the Jesus Storybook Bible and washed each others feet. I think we even included Baby Bitty in this one : ) We talked about how some Kings are mean and selfish but how Jesus is the best King because he washed us when we couldn’t wash ourselves. He is the servant King. You could also plan time to take communion together as a family and thank God for his sacrifice.

Day 9

– We read The Sun stops Shining in the Jesus Storybook Bible. We made a wooden cross out of popsicle sticks. You could paint it together or color it with markers. We talked about how the nails didn’t hold Jesus on the cross, it was love that kept Him there. This was a special day to talk about the price of our sin, and that it cost Jesus His life to rescue us. We kept telling her that Good News was coming tomorrow and He is alive again!!!

Day 10

EASTER!!! We read God’s Wonderful Surprise in our Storybook Bibles before we did our easter egg hunt. He is Risen!!! He is making everything sad come untrue, He made a way! He even made death come untrue!

This was super fun for us last year. At the end of the 10 days, our whole family was thankful for the time to be intentional about loving Jesus together, knowing Him more, and giving Him our time and our hearts. I am looking forward to 10 days of Easter this year with some of the same activities and some a little different to better fit our family this year since Lydia will totally be able to join in. Whether you end up with 10 Days of Easter or 6 Days of Easter, you are welcome to join in my give-it-your-best-shot club. Its not about the program, its about our hearts and you are invited to join in! Let me know how it goes : )



6 thoughts on “10 Days of Easter

  1. Sarah Severns says:

    Maddie! I was just thinking about this the other day, and I was getting ready to email you and ask if you’d share them this year.. I am so glad that you did! We bought the Jesus Storybook Bible for Elias when he was born and I LOVE IT!

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