Tips for Mama’s Fighting the Winter Blues (Plus a Freebie!)

Hey it’s me, Maddi, the crazy plant lady. Oh you didn’t hear? This month, I am putting potted plants in ALL the cracks and crevices in our home because IS IT SPRING YET?? No, it’s just January? Oh. Bummer.

I have hated winter for as long as I can remember. Usually, I get anxious, stir crazy, so sleepy, and fearful in the winter. Picture a bear that didn’t go into hibernation like it was supposed to and then, picture said bear trying to run a home with three little bears running around like crazies. Yep.

But God. He has been so gracious to me this year. So far, I haven’t felt much of those all too familiar winter blues. Last week though, every day was grey and I had on a wool sweater, fur slippers, and I carried around a space heater like it was my job.

Just in case some of you are like me, I thought I would share some of my tips for fighting off the winter blues:

I keep my Bible out and open as much as possible in the winter. I find a ton of peace and joy in God’s word. So, if I leave it open on my kitchen island or coffee table, I am much more likely to grab it and read instead of scrolling through my phone. If you don’t know where to start, I suggest Psalms, Philippians, or John!

Josh and I realized a few years ago that I really need to adjust my winter schedule to deal with those pesky blues. In the winter, I make sure to leave my house every day and get some fresh air. The longer I stay hunkered down, the more I want to CRAWL IN BED FOREVER.

I also take 3-4 hours every week for a sabbath. Our schedule (the schedule of anyone in full time vocational ministry) is nutty. We often work nights and weekends. And we love it but I am already more drained than normal. So Josh and I worked out time each week for me to be off the grid. Sometimes I read, sometimes I window shop, I occasionally grab a meal with a friend, and I even jump in bed for a nap sometimes. I just hope you other mamas are fighting for your sanity this winter and giving yourself the time and space you might need as well!

For an extrovert like me, winter means a little more isolation because people tend to be less mobile in the cold months. Podcasts are one way I recharge during winter. I love listening to the conversations and learning new things. My extrovert tank fills up at the sound of other adult voices (and all the extrovert mamas said AMEN!). My current favorite podcasts are: Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey, Glorious in the Mundane with Christy Nockels, America’s Test Kitchen Podcast, Off Camera with Sam Jones, and The Atypical Podcast.

Besides my ideas, I have heard that sun lamps, working out regularly, and eating healthy foods in the winter works wonders for seasonal depression. And of course, keep the options open to take medicine if your body needs some extra help! fullsizerender

For this afternoon, I am taking my sabbath and thinking of all my Mama friends kicking winter’s butt, loving our families, and working our tails off. I drew my girlfriend and I some Mama coloring pages a few months back and I am just now getting around to coloring mine while I catch up on some podcasts. So of course, I want to share them with you! Print them off and color them during  your kiddo’s nap time, bring them to a tired friend with some chocolate and wine, or print them off for co-workers to doodle on during lunch time!






Enjoy, friends, and good luck in fighting off those winter blues! Love, Maddi



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