Things I’m loving this month…

Here’s the deal. I am up all night long. And I am sick and tired of reading articles on my news app about influenza. My dear husband is sick of the endless flu articles I read as well, because they lead me to holler anytime my kids touch their face, “NOOOO you’re going to get flu!!!!” (Being related to me is a real walk in the park!)

So, if you are looking for a motivational piece of any sort, this is NOT the post for you. But if you happen to be wide awake all night and looking for mindless fun, then look no further, friend!

Here are some things I am loving this month in no particular order of importance:

  1. Take a Moment by United Pursuit & Will Reagan: This song is on repeat around the clock. Its particularly entertaining when all the kids are in the car screaming and I turn it up as loud as I can so I don’t lose my mind.


2. My paper white finally bloomed! I took really good care of that sucker and it took FOREVER to bloom. So I was thrilled when it finally opened! However, it smelled horrific so it will be my first and last time ever growing paper whites. Next winter I will try an amaryllis.


3. My new shoes came in the mail today and I almost gave the mail lady a hug. I’ve been boot hunting all winter because I am still wearing the knock off UGGs Josh brought home for me from China 5 years ago. The problem is that all the super cute booties aren’t that practical because lets-be-honest I don’t really go anywhere fancy EVER and I am probably not going to start any time soon. So I fell in love with these and Josh Fieleke is my hero because he ordered them for me!

4. Me and my girlfriends have been having so much fun on the Marco Polo app on our phones! Its like texting but with videos. They don’t take up any storage on your phone. And you can have as many people you want in a group. Our big Fieleke family even started one this week and the cousins are having so much fun with it.

Screen Shot 2018-01-22 at 7.07.38 PM.png

5. Have I mentioned that I have a lot of down time and I am a bit bored while nursing a newborn all day?! Well, I am a bookworm anyways but this month I have already read 5 new books. I would so much rather read a book than stare at my phone screen. YALL. THIS. BOOK. It is easily the best book I’ve read in years. Even if you have a different view of God than I do, I can promise that you will find such beauty in the pages! The priest that wrote it is an incredible story teller with an affinity for well placed profanity which I always appreciate. Please read it and then call me and we can chat all about it. Or Marco Polo me. Even better.


6. My Great Grandma Sally was the best at turning an average moment into something magical. And when I was spending the night at her house growing up, she always let me pick out a midnight snack to make together. In reality it was probably a 8pm snack but it was so special. So when Josh was out of town last Friday, the kids and I stole a page out of GG’s book and made her specialty, an Orange Julius! They were so yummy and now I can’t stop making them. And even better, I’m nursing away all my calories so my pants still fit!


7. School pick up time is my jam. I like to be one of the first in line because we can get right out of there. And I mean business during pick up. So here are the rules for Micah and Lydia while we wait in line: Mom’s off duty – Do whatever you want in the back of the van but the front seat is OFF limits. Roll down the windows, get naked, scream to passersby, I truly don’t care – just don’t involve me. When we are home, I am super engaged. We all made muffins together this afternoon and played games. But during pickup, no ma’am,  I am listening to a podcast, reading, or chatting on the phone. Its delightful. Abi hasn’t caught onto this policy yet, but I’ll give her a little time. Self care people, self care!


8. Give me all the baby snuggles. Abi is perfect and smiley and precious and totally my favorite kid right now. Unless your judging me for having a favorite, then I am totally kidding.



What are your favorite things right now? Anything I totally need to add to my list?



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