2018 – My Year of Treasures

Every new year I ask God to speak a word to me – a prophecy of sorts – a word to focus on for the year ahead, that He will use for my growth, my good, and His glory. Jeremiah 33:3 comes to mind, “Ask me and I will tell you remarkable secrets you do not know about things to come.” (NLT) 

2015 – Thanksgiving

2016 – Rhythms

2017 – Rejoice

2018 – Treasure (verb) – to hold or keep as precious – to cherish, prize

As I was praying about what word God would have for me in 2018, I asked Josh what he thought. He thought on it quietly and said, “grace and worship”. He reminded me that I’m often hard on myself and need to rest in God’s grace, and that lifting my eyes and heart in worship is the fastest way to run to His throne of grace.

Ultimately, I feel like God is asking me to be intentional about what and who I treasure in 2018. I don’t think He wants me to have the carefully curated life that I often long for.  I can sense Him asking me to cherish the messy, broken moments that I often wish I could fast-forward through. And to often take inventory of my heart and see that He is my ultimate treasure because He is the only One who is worthy of sitting on the throne of my life.

Here is a small but embarrassing list of ridiculously dumb things I am tempted to treasure: a clean house, a pretty house, new boots, buying new things to replace things that don’t need replaced (aka couch pillows), picture perfect time with my kids that isn’t full of redirecting and discipline, ugh the list could just keep going….

2018 will be the last year that I groggily nurse a baby long into the night. It will be the year of firsts and all the Abigail sweetness I can soak up.

It will be the year that Josh and I celebrate 10 years of marriage. I’m so darn in love with him! This year, I want to hold our marriage as precious even when life feels chaotic and time together alone is sparse.

It will be the year that Micah needs me to hold his hand as we navigate through the stubborn two’s and the three-nage year, all the while delighting in him and shepherding him towards the way of Jesus.

It will be the year that my spunky, style maven Lydia needs me to be attentive to her sweet spirit and remind her to trust Jesus for a heart that loves to obey Him and honor others.

It will be the year that my 7-going-on-20-year-old, Ruth, needs me to listen to all of her school day stories and speak into the pockets of her life where she needs perspective, love, and care.

So my prayer for 2018 is that I can declare the sassy kiddo, dirty-house, piles of laundry, cranky mommy moments as precious and treasure up all of them because God is working in every single one of them. I’m praying for a heart that is quick to say “Thank you Jesus!” even when a moment is far from picture-perfect. I tell the kids daily, “Things don’t matter, people matter” – so I’m praying that will take root in my own heart as I live in the clutter of our four young kiddos life. And ultimately I’m praying that God will remind me daily that He alone is the all-satisfying treasure my heart so longs for!

Here are some of the moments I’m treasuring up so far this year: IMG_1585As the girls and I binge watched Full House one night, Micah and Daddy served us ice cream in bed. I love watching my son turn into a Servant-hearted man like his Daddy. He then joined us in bed and licked his bowl clean.IMG_1767IMG_1760The kids are still fighting over Abigail. Like all the time. Not going to lie, sometimes I want to swat all of them with a fly-swatter but I am SO THANKFUL that they love their sissy. IMG_1771Joshua got me a van! Ours got totaled by a college dude last year and it was manageable until Abi arrived, and then our need for a van became quite urgent. I’m so grateful for God’s provision and Josh’s van hunting skills on Car-Gurus. IMG_1777Today while Abigail and I snuggle in bed, Josh took the other 3 kids to see a movie as one last hurrah before school starts. Lydia spent an hour getting ready and completed her outfit by borrowing my jean jacket and leather clutch. Not pictured, Ruth kept things classy with chandelier earrings and yoga pants.
(I should note that our parenting goals are to major on the majors and minor on the minors. So yes, my kids often go out in public resembling drag queens and I’ve decided that its a total minor. Majors for us are things like character, integrity, self-control, love for God and others)IMG_1800 And I will spend the rest of my days in 2018 nursing this chunk because she is constantly hungry and always up for a milk-induced nap on Mommy.

Thanks for stopping by and reading about my word of the year. Do any of you have one too? I would love to hear about them!


2 thoughts on “2018 – My Year of Treasures

  1. Kimberly DeJarnatt says:


    I am so proud of you!! You may not remember me, because you were just a tiny girl the last time I saw you, but we are second cousins. Your mom is my cousin (your grandpa, James, and my mom, Wanda, are brother and sister.) I am thrilled to read this blog page (your mom posted about it on FB.) Your love for the Lord and desire to serve Him and raise your children in His ways are so exciting to me!! I have prayed for your family over the years. I am so thankful to read that you are wholeheartedly serving the Lord!! It is such a joy!! Maybe we will be able to meet again some day. By the way, my 17 year old is named Abigail Grace. 🙂 She also loves the Lord with all her heart and desires nothing more than to honor Him! Keep up the good work, momma!! I am so proud of you and your family!!

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