And then there were six!

When we found out we were pregnant with our Ruth, we were over the moon excited. We were the first of our friend group to have a baby and honestly, we were naive as all get out. We sailed through our pregnancy with her never stopping much to consider the miracle that it is to carry a healthy baby to term.

Same with our sweet Lydia. Sure there was some fear knowing that I was having another C-Section but most of the of the time we took for granted how amazing the gift of life was while pregnant with our second daughter.

When we lost Macy, our third pregnancy, we had just watched our dear friends lose a daughter. We were walking with other friends through the indescribable pains of infertility and struggling to carry a pregnancy to term. We grieved that we wouldn’t hold our baby on this side of eternity. Our naivety was gone. We now knew, with the certainty that only hard experiences could bring, that only God can open wombs, create life, sustain life, bring redemption when life is lost, and give us hope for the wait.

God restored our hope on our journey to become parents to our sweet Micah. We watched the way His plan for our life unfolded and it was indeed exceedingly, abundantly more than we could have asked for or imagined.

We said we were done birthing biological children. Little did we know that God had another surprise for us. Exceedingly, Abundantly more. We are now 12 weeks pregnant with our surprise baby. And while we make this announcement with utter joy, gratitude, and delight, we also make it knowing the pain that a pregnancy announcement will bring to many dear friends still waiting with hope. We are praying for so many of you today.


When I was 7 weeks pregnant, I went into the ER fearing an ectopic pregnancy because of some severe cramping I was experiencing. The docs confirmed that a sonogram would be the best way to navigate through the problem. As a sweet, innocent, 20 something volunteer walked me down to the ultra sound, she looked at my eyes and said, “Are you scared?” I was honestly shocked by what came out of my mouth, “No, we’ve tasted and seen God’s goodness in our family. He gives and he takes away and nothing we’ve walked through has ever been wasted.”

She then asked if I was a mormon and thats why we were having so many kids….ha! In that moment, I rejoiced that God has been teaching my heart one of the hardest lessons. We are holding our sweet baby with open hands. And we are enjoying the celebration of life we get to have each day while our littles have begun dreaming up names. Thanks for celebrating with us and we of course appreciate your prayers for this little one!

Love, The Fieleke Six


5 thoughts on “And then there were six!

  1. Kim Koilpillai says:

    Woohoo! So exciting! I’ve been eagerly awaiting the news aft Caleb excitedly shared! 🙂

    Kim Koilpillai Sent from my iPhone


  2. claudiaevans31 says:

    So happy for the Fieleke family!! I love your tenderness for mamas who have experienced infertility or the loss of a child. And your response to the volunteer…💜. Will pray!

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