Our Son

The phone rang on March 30 and our lawyer told us that there was a Birth Mom who wanted to meet us. So began the longest month of our lives.

We met her and loved her immediately. Our prayer was that we could be an encouragement to her, regardless of whether or not she chose us as adoptive parents. God answered it so beautifully when we just got to sit and cry with her and tell her how much we admired her bravery and courage to choose life for her baby.

We left the meeting and prayerfully waited. Some days we waited more patiently than others.

On April 14, we got another call. The Birth Mom had told her boyfriend, the Birth Father, about us and they had picked us to be their son’s adoptive family. That week we got to meet them both. We all agreed, this was a relationship that only God could have arranged. There is a peace there when we are all together that can’t be explained, except for God’s grace.  We traded numbers and made plans to get together soon. Over the next few weeks we grabbed meals together, introduced them to our girls, and went to doctor appointments to see our son growing in his precious Birth Momma’s belly.

On May 5 we got the call. Our sweet baby boy was on his way. We went straight to the hospital and spent the time BM (Birth Mom) was in labor hanging out with her and BD (Birth Dad). We got to meet her family, and his the next day. They are all incredible. We will continue to be quite private about them all but we adore them all and are so thankful for the way they each welcomed us into their new extended family.

We were in the room when we heard his first cry. We wept with joy and about a million other emotions that flooded our hearts.

Introducing, our son, Micah Joshland Fieleke.








In the days and months to come we will play catch up and share so many details about his precious life and birth and story. But for today, we can proudly announce that God has answered our prayers and grown our family with the most precious little boy in the world. And today, the court made legal what happened in our hearts the day he was born. He is officially Micah Joshland Fieleke, our son forever.

6 thoughts on “Our Son

  1. Megan Meyer says:

    How cool is it that God’s timing is perfect!? You and I lost our sweet babies within a month of each other and now God saw fit to give us both babies less than two months apart. Can’t wait to meet sweet Micah!

  2. Pam Seever says:

    Oh wow, congrats to all of you. I know how excited you are and I know your parents are just as exited if not more. Thank you for sharing your story. I spoke to Josh a few weeks ago and was telling him about our new grandson…we will be happy grandparents on June 26….Blessings to alll of you… Pam Seever

  3. Kristin Sims Strong says:

    :-O I am SO happy for you guys!!!! I love this story, these pictures, and the love and excited joy in your faces! God is wrapping his healing wings around your entire family!!! Love to all SIX of you! 🙂 Kristin

  4. smithcj says:

    Congratulations! Wonderful news! So much to celebrate! Micah is a lucky lil boy to have you for his family. Wishing him a lifetime of happiness and good health. Endless love, Cindy

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