She is Here!!

Lydia is here! Thank you for all of your prayers. The C-Section went so smoothly and our prayers were answered when Lydia came into the world at 8:26 am on Friday, May 11 – healthy and happy. The Lord was so kind to allow us a joyful delivery and Maddi has had a really quick recovery!

Now for the part you really want to see…PICTURES!

Thursday we got to spend time with Maddi’s whole family and let Ruth get extra loved on for the day! She loved swimming with her Daddio!

One last picture of our family of three! My goodness, I look like I am going to explode – a huge dinner with Grandpa Scott and Grandma Brenda at Biggs BBQ may have added to my belly a little! Good thing Lydia was coming the next morning.

Yea! Here she is. Our little baby – only 8 pounds 4 ounces! She was a two pounds smaller than her big sister! I feel like I have a little premie on my hands. Josh and I keep staring at her in awe of how little she seems to us. The Lord was so kind during my surgery and I recovered really quickly in the recovery room. In just an hour, we got to head to our room for family to meet her.

Ruth LOVES Lydi – or as she calls her “Yiddi” – darn those L’s! She likes to hold her on the Boppy and talk to her and make Lydia hold her hand lots. She says, “I yuv you sooo much yiddi”. When Lydia cries, Ruth says, “Aww come here yiddi. I pick her up!”

Me and these sweet gifts the Lord has entrusted to me. I think I could spend all day cuddling with them and it still wouldn’t feel like enough.

Ruth had fun staying at home with her Grandpa Scott and Grandma Brenda on Friday and then her Papa and JuJu on the nights we had to stay in the hospital but we missed our family time so Ruth would head up to the hospital to watch Caillou with us before bed….and get in one last holding time with Lydia.

Here is our sweet girl! She is a peaceful and joyful baby! She is a sleeper too which has been nice so far. We will take lots of family pictures next week when Stephanie gets here to play with us for a few days so we will make sure to post LOTS more Lydia pictures!

We have been so thankful for lots of help! My mom stayed for the last few days to help us and Josh’s mom got here yesterday to help through the weekend! Ahh family makes everything so much sweeter!

Thanks for celebrating with us. The Lord is faithful and he has for sure added lots of joy to our family with this new precious girl of ours!

Love, Josh and Maddi


One thought on “She is Here!!

  1. Al Peters says:

    Congratulations with your new precious baby Lydia and our praise is for you all with Ruth and a Happy Foursome now. Love, Uncle Al and Aunt Janis

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