Birthday Girl!

We can’t believe our BIG GIRL Ruth turned two today! Yesterday we threw her a Minnie Mouse party and our sweet family and friends came to celebrate with her! It was so special! We wanted to share some pictures from the party so here they are:


Our Happy Family of Four! Lydia slept through the whole party – what a stinker : )


I made Mickey and Minnie headbands for people out of foam but poor Josh’s didn’t hold up so well. 


Pluto came by our house and buried lots of little toys in a sandbox! So the kiddos had fun digging up the toys to take home. Some of them liked the sand better so they bagged that up and took it home instead!


I made the big girl a Minnie birthday cake and she had SO much fun blowing out the candles. 


Sissy Love : ) Ruth just loves Lydia so much and we can’t get enough of them cuddling! So sweet! 

Well, that is our weekend! We had so much fun with family and now we are looking forward to our weeks. I am learning to ‘do two’ babes at home when Josh takes off to work during the days. Thankfully the nights aren’t too sleepless and we are both still functioning! Praise God for a sleeping baby! 

I had lots of thoughts to write about Ruth and the last two years God has given us with her but Lydi is crying on my lap and doesn’t like the keyboard much  : ) So I’m out for now! 

Good Night!


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