“Jayplay” – KU Newspaper

Well, I (Josh) thought it may be about time to write a “guest” entry into our website! As the beginning of another school year is quickly coming, I’ve been thinking back to an article out of a student paper here at KU. It’s called the “Jayplay.” If you couldn’t tell by the title, it can have some pretty interesting articles in this paper.

I wanted to write about this all year because I read the article at the beginning of last school year. It was in the first few weeks of school and I opened up the paper to read an article called, “Kansas in Heat – How to Have a 1-Night Stand.” It included bullet-points such as: Have foreplay with the lights on, be prepared for bad sex, and Don’t exchange information – don’t promise to call.

I imagine you are as shocked as I was right now. Not many things that happen on college campuses surprise me anymore, but I was deeply saddened as I read this article. I was thinking about all of the new freshman coming to KU and reading this article in their first few weeks at school. There is so much pressure on them socially already and this paper did nothing to help them. Students are constantly pulled in so many directions – so many forces are fighting for their attention and actions.

Would you please pray with us for the students at KU, especially the incoming freshman? They are not coming into an environment that points them to Jesus. Please pray that Jesus would grab their hearts and they could get plugged into communities like Cru that would encourage them to live their lives for God instead of for themselves and instant gratification.


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