He is Risen!

“He is Risen!” Those were the words I heard my sweet girl say last night. I do think it was to help me stop crying. We had just finished reading the Passover story in her Jesus Storybook Bible. We read about Jesus being the Servant King and I was in tears. She kept wiping them away and kissing on me. We were having a good talk about how great Jesus is and she said, “RISEN!”. She knew it was the thing that would fix everything. The back-story is that I have been trying to teach her to say that for days and she has stubbornly refused. Now I know she was just saving it for the perfect time. When is that not the perfect thing to say?!?!?

Here is a recent picture from a walk we took as a family…Image

We just sent out our April Newsletter in the mail yesterday to our faithful prayer partners and wanted to follow up with a few extra pictures and stories. When we think about the BIG picture of what God is doing on campus, we just feel like He is growing people and stretching our faith as we prepare for ministry next year. 

Here is a picture from our recent Women’s Retreat. It was a fun time to connect with girls in our movement and talk about our identities in Christ. The woman that shared encouraged us and the students to lift our eyes from ourselves and embrace Jesus. It was a great message! 


Below is a picture from our outreach event last week. It was fun for the staff and students to serve together and talk to people on campus about Jesus! Ruth jumped in on the fun and ran around handing out fliers to all the students. That girl is fearless : ) I did get some funny looks being 8 months pregnant on campus so I was glad to have Ruth there to distract from my big ol’ belly! 


Thanks for taking some time to look through our pictures. If you have time to pray for our ministry – we ask that you would focus on:

1. Lift up students to the Lord. Ask Him to continue sanctifying them and growing them! 

2. Lift up Josh’s trip this month to Colorado. He is meeting people that He will coach this summer in the support raising process. I personally think He will be a GREAT coach : ) 

3. Also ask the Lord for a safe rest of pregnancy for Lydia and I. We can’t wait to meet her!! 

Thanks! Email us if you have requests that we can be praying for you!! 

Love, Josh & Maddi


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