An Update

We have heard from some of you about our latest newsletter because we shared in it that it will just be Josh and I on campus here next year. Yep, our team of 11 is going to be just Josh and Momma Maddi for the year. I have been praying lots through this and wanted to share some of the freedom God has been giving me in regards to this big change. 

This might be one of those blogs that is more helpful for me to write than it is for you to read. 

We are so happy for our teammates. Some of them will be serving at our partnership in Athens, Greece for the year. Others will be leaving to go to a new location on staff. Even others are finishing their intern years here and moving on to Graduate School. We are celebrating with them where God is leading them. Also I am crying when I think about them not being here to do life with next year. I really enjoy our team. Just yesterday, we ate tacos for lunch and laughed together! I just want to be with them all day everyday!

I have definitely had some tears when I think about our transition next year. Our family growing and Lydia Joy needing her Mommy all the time, our Ruth girl growing up and needing potty trained (ahhhhh) and me wanting to stay out of the loony bin and not lose my mind! The Lord gave me a verse this morning that couldn’t be more kind and gracious of Him to lead me to. 

Isaiah 41:18 says, “I will open up rivers for them on the high plateaus. I will give them fountains of water in the valleys. I will fill the deserts with pools of water. Rivers fed by springs will flow across the parched ground.”

In all of my fears, God is still the God who provides. He sees us and knows the needs of our family and our ministry at KU. He sees the freshman who are growing and promises to keep growing them next year. He is the one who makes water in the desert lands in our lives. I am sure you can think of areas or times in your life that you were needy or alone. But God is God and He is promising us that in the difficulty He is not going anywhere! How quickly peace rushes over me when I rest in His promises!

One thing we are excited about for next year is seeing students get chances to lead the ministry alongside us. We are also excited about lots of fun times for our girls as we travel and do the life of student ministers! Thank you for praying for us and the students here during this time. 

Here are some pictures from a fun KU baseball game we went to with students and staff this week. 


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