Dinner Dates

One of my favorite things Josh has started this year is inviting over any new students that come to our weekly meeting for dinner the next week. So tonight, we had the privilege of having two new girls over that I like a lot…minus the fact that I called one of them the wrong name for ten minutes before we realized what I had been doing (I blame Lydia for hogging all my sanity). After that though, we had such fun conversation with them!

Tonight I am praising the Lord for a few things. I am thanking Him that I get to cook for students and that they like it. It is a joy for me to use that gift to bless people’s lives. I am also thanking Him for His faithfulness to bring new students to our ministry! They had been wanting to come for a while but their schedules didn’t clear up until this semester. He is just so good to bring them to a place where they can grow with Him and get plugged in to what He is doing in other student’s lives on campus. Also, I am just in awe of His ways. The girls were sweet to share that they attended my Valentines Day talk at our Crusade weekly meeting (that I thought I flopped). But, imagine this…God spoke to them through some of the things I shared. They were encouraged to hear me affirming that God gave us relationships so that we could glorify Him together with our spouse. I am just encouraged that He would use this silly lady to help anyone walk more closely with Him!

On a side note, I am praising Him for my sweet daughter that makes everything more fun. We had a very significant event happen in our lives today. Ruth and her Daddy bought a pet. A goldfish. She named the fish, “Big.” Seriously. And then she told me it was a girl. Every time the fish moves, she laughs and says, “Swim Big Fish!!!” She made dinner more fun too – how can conversation not go well with Ruth blowing bubbles at the dinner table and yelling, “Pop!” Don’t mind the snotty nose, here is a picture of Ruth and “Big.”


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