P4 Weekend

I don’t have enough great things to say about my college roommates aka ‘ the besties’. We had so much fun together in college and our time together keeps getting sweeter. Two weeks ago, I went to Springfield for our quick reunion weekend together. We called our house, “The Palace”…we are afterall, daughters of the King! This was our 4th annual reunion. Hence our creative name, P4 : )

Being known by these women is a sweet gift from the Lord. I experience His love when I am with them and grow from watching Him display His glory in their lives.

Here are pictures from our weekend together….and a quick look into how fast Lydia is growing! 

Our old but GREAT first house. Poor girls that live in it now – we crashed it and asked for a tour : ) Still a group of godly college girls living there and keeping up the Palace Legacy! 

Our visit wouldn’t have been complete without a Mudhouse coffee date!

Us outside the Palace

God gives us BEAUTIFUL babies! That is Ruth’s favorite baby, Bennett Gaunt!! She loves him and we do too!

Thank you Jesus for a great time with dear friends!


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