Our month of FUN!

I am amazed at how fast a month goes by. That is the kind of thing old people say but I mean it now. Maybe it happens once kids come into the picture. Whatever the speed of our last month, I am excited to share with you our joys and celebrations!

Josh and I asked our families if our Christmas present this year could be a trip to NYC. We found a neat place for missionaries to stay on a budget (mostly great but we weren’t prepared for the twin beds covered in plastic sheeting) and we had a great time. Ok I admit, I cried everyday because I missed taking care of Ruth (don’t judge me) but Josh was patient with me and we spent our days and nights sightseeing! And Ruth could have cared less that we were gone because she was having such a good time with her JuJu! 

Ruth had a great time when her Grandpa and Grandma Fick came to visit right before Christmas. Grandma Brenda recently visited Hawaii and brought Ruth back a hula outfit that she clearly had a great time in 🙂

Josh, Ruth, Lydia, and I on Christmas Eve night at the Fieleke’s. This was the night Ruth learned how to say, “church”. She has been saying it lots and lots ever since. She will say, “Go mama Go?” and I will ask, “Ruth where do you want to go?” She always responds, “church”. Sweet girl.

The cousins (Drew, Blake, Adelyn, and Ruth) at their last Christmas with just the four of them. Next Christmas there will be SEVEN!

Sweet Kelly, the not pregnant skinny one, was a trooper to jump in this picture. Here are the prego sister in laws(Natalie, Maureen, and Me)! We had fun being together over Christmas. I was thankful to have girls who were craving waffles day and night around me to encourage my habit 🙂

The big sister in training got a bottle for her baby this Christmas! She has been loving taking care of the baby in Mama’s belly by patting her and hugging her and putting pacifiers in my belly button. I am thankful when she gives Lydia and I a break and takes care of her pretend babies!

Last but not least, here are Josh and Ruth at Denver Christmas Conference (Of course, she called it church). We just got home from 9 days in Denver serving 1200 students from our region of the country. 25 KU students joined us and they experienced the Lord mightily! We had so much fun seeing Him move in their lives! Some heard Him call them to serve Him on a mission trip this summer and others heard Him call them overseas next year to serve. All of them agreed that God has big plans for our campus and they want people here at KU to have more and more chances to hear the Gospel! Praise God!

Thanks for taking a little tour of our month with me! I hope your month was filled with the joy of the Lord also!


One thought on “Our month of FUN!

  1. Rachel meyer says:

    I totally stayed at the same place when I went to NYC by myself last Sep. Was it in queens? Looks like you had a blast! Love reading your blogs and seeing your hearts for Jesus.

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