Fa la la la la lalalala

If you haven’t heard yet, we are expecting Baby #2. I am about 16 weeks along now and finally feeling pretty good again. We decorated for Christmas and I just had to share these pictures with you. I think I was still feeling a bit of belly shyness though because I am in none of them : ) oops!

Above is our sweet girl enjoying a “coooookie”. Her favorite word and dessert!

Below is our night of Christmas decorating. Overall it was a really fun night. Ruth only broke 5 ornaments so we thought that was a success : )

I am feeling the need to purge the last three months of ukkkknessss (throwing up all day and night) and move forward. However, it would just be a shame for me to not share some of the great things God is doing here in our lives and ministry. So here is my top 3 list:

1. I have a dear friend from China who I got to share the Gospel with last month. She had a painful rash the day I shared the Gospel with her and in the course of sharing, we talked about how Jesus lives in me and uses me for His glory. So I offered to pray that He would take away her rash and show her just how much He loves her. She agreed that I could pray for her so I did. The next day, we were texting and she told me her rash was almost completely cleared up and the pain was all gone. I told her that Jesus loves her very much and she wants to study the Bible with me now!!!

2. Josh started a men’s discipleship group at our house on Tuesday nights for students and it is so sweet what God is doing in these guys lives! They take walking with the Lord so seriously together! They even do pushups when they can’t memorize the verses on time. It is all in good fun, but I am encouraged by Josh’s leadership and their zeal for learning all they can about Jesus and how to follow Him.

3. My sweet girl started going with me to open gymnastics day on Fridays! Where did my baby go? She is long gone. This girl jumps in pits and on trampolines. She ran for 2 hours straight last time we went and this prego lady had a hard time keeping up. I teased a friend that she needed to come with me each week just to make sure I didn’t pass out while running around with Ru girl.

Ok that was fun. Thanks for reading. God is so good, even in my seasons of ukkkness. I am excited now for Christmas parties with our students and staff. We are challenging students to come with us to DCC (Denver Christmas Conference) after Christmas for a week of teaching and worship together. We would appreciate your prayers that God would move in students hearts at KU and motivate them to come join us at the conference. It has a special place in my heart because my best friend gave her life to Jesus there our freshman year!

I am also looking forward to December 13 – our ultra sound to find out if this is a baby boy or girl : )





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