Shut Up!

Haha I bet I have you a little curious about what this post might be about.

Well, do I have a story to tell you!!! We are here in Orlando on Walt Disney World Summer Project and loving it. Our students work at the Magic Kingdom and on their off time, they participate in our Summer Project activities and fellowship times.

On Wednesday, the staff team took the students to Cocoa Beach for surf lessons (so fun) and sharing their faith on the beach(also super fun but maybe scarier to some than surfing). What does it look like to share your faith, you ask? Well, it just looks like initiating spiritual conversations with people in hopes that they would be open to talking about Jesus with you. It may surprise you to learn that people are very willing to talk about Jesus. We have conversations with people – we don’t shove things down their throat or tell them how they should change. That isn’t our job. We just start conversations walking in the power of the Holy Spirit and leave the results to Him. And we are helping students learn to do this too. Let me share an encouraging story with you.

Two women on our staff team went out on the beach to talk to people. They prayed for a bit and saw two girls off in the distance so they approached them. The staff girls, Chrissy and Lindsey, said, “We are doing these spiritual surveys with people to talk about God, would you be willing to share your thoughts with us and do one?”

The two girls replied with big smiles, “Shut up!”  One of the girls spoke up, “We were just talking about God. We see Him in the ocean and we wish we were closer to Him.”

“Well”, the staff members said, “We would love to talk with you more about Him.”

They had a great conversation with the girls, Ali and Antoinette. Antoinette explained that she sure she was a Christian but she had stopped obeying God and walking closely with Him. She is excited to get plugged back into a church. Ali, allowed the staff women to share the Gospel with her. She was so excited. She prayed with them on the beach to ask Jesus to come into her heart and start a relationship with Him.

Ummmm God is Great. Aren’t you encouraged?  It is always worth it to ask the hard questions. It is always worth it to allow God into conversations. Easy, no. Worth it, YES! They were sitting and literally waiting for someone to come alongside them in their journeys with Christ. Haha God is reminding me how true that is even as I type it out. He is like, “Really though Maddi, it is.” He is smiling probs, maybe because He knows He will have to remind me again in like two days…or two hours.

Thanks for letting me share that story with you. The girls traded numbers with the staff women and they will be contacting them to continue a friendship and help them grow! Would you take a moment to pray for Ali and Antoinette?

We are so grateful for our time here. On wednesday afternoon, my Mom and Step-Dad Rick came to visit for a few days. The ensuing days were PACKED FULL OF FUN…want some pics??? Beware, these are maybe the cutest pics you have ever seen in your whole life. There is this magical place called the Bibbity Bobbity Boutiqe in Downtown Disney where each little girl gets a fairy godmother of their own to help them learn to be magical princesses. The place fills up with reservations 180 days in advance. So, I did what any Mom would do and called non stop for days to get in on a cancellation. Yes!! We got one!








Lydia decided Pluto is ok in her book so she actually took pictures with him : ) They had tons of fun with Poppy and JuJu and we did too.  Today we are resting. Lydia spent the night projectile vomiting all over me, my hair, and our bed so she is resting and cuddling lots today! Joshua is busy working with staff and students but still had time to bring this desperate Momma a Starbucks. It was delightful.

Thanks for stopping by!




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