Being ‘Far Away’

Over the last few weeks since we have been in Orlando for Summer Project, Ruth will say a few times a day, “We are really really far away!” I think she just realizes how different life is here and she remembers flying in an airplane for two hours to get here!

I am feeling like God needed to get my attention. He may have needed to get our family really really far away from ‘normal’ to get our attention. I was explaining to a staff friend last night that I feel like being away from home has helped me to hear His Spirit’s Whispers that I too often drown out by the noise of everyday life. I am writing tonight with a thankful heart. There is no sweeter sound than that Holy Whisper.

During my time with Jesus in the mornings before the family wakes up, I have been studying the Patriarchs with Beth Moore’s help. She wrote about how God called Abraham to leave Ur so that God could turn him into a great nation. She suggested we think of our Ur as our ‘Usual Routine’. I have been thinking lots about that. My usual routine doesn’t leave a ton of wiggle room. I often find myself booking my calendar down to the minute.

What is funny is that I am not hearing anything crazy profound or serious. I am just experiencing Jesus afresh and it is so sweet. I am thankful that He called us really really far away this summer. He is meeting us here.

I think He is doing this in the student’s lives too. No, I know He is. They have been here only one short week and walls have been broken down. They shared in Soul to Soul groups last week in small groups, letting people into the places we normally shut people out in our lives. We invited them to bring their junk to the light and experience forgiveness of Christ through His Body of Believers. They are beaming. Today they are at an all day training for their new jobs at the Magic Kingdom.

When we told them that we were trusting God that they could tell others about Jesus this summer and enter into new friendships, they were understandably nervous. We (the staff team) took them to a nearby park and started conversations with people about spirituality. That day, a group of students got to see someone place their faith in Christ! God is on the move!

Please continue praying for our summer and the other staff and students. We know God will be glorified!

Here are some summer project pics. Make sure to scroll all the way to the bottom to see pictures from Ruth’s super special third birthday!


The staff team arrived 1 week before students to prepare for the summer. We had a fun night out getting to know each other (there are 20 of us) at Disney’s Boardwalk.


Grammy blessed us beyond belief by helping me fly down to Orlando with the girls while Josh drove. And she stayed with us 1 week and served non-stop so that I could attend planning meetings and stay sane while adjusting to life in a condo : ) The girls were in HEAVEN with Grammy here loving on them!



We took the staff team to Cocoa Beach for a day of Surfing before students arrive. The theme for the summer is Big Wave Surfing. Relating walking by faith, depending on the Holy Spirit to catching a wave while surfing. Both include lots of crazy faith and wild adventure! Image




Then the students arrived! 58 of them : ) We are having a blast getting to know them and introducing the girls to them. They will for sure leave Orlando at the end of summer with changed lives having encountered Jesus!


Here the students are on a day when we went to talk to people about spirituality at a local park. This was the day that they got to see a man place His faith in Christ for the first time!





Ruth Mae’s third birthday was so special.


We were so thankful that there was a cancellation at a resort nearby for a Character Breakfast with Minnie, Donald Duck and Goofy. I am convinced that was God’s special birthday present for Ru girl! Can you believe crazy people make reservations up to 180 days in advance???


Itty Bitty was having tons of fun that day…until the characters arrived. Then the fun was over. Haha she was so unamused!





We invited our staff team over to our condo for a little birthday party that afternoon and they blessed our family by coming over to celebrate. You know how Ruth loves a good party! She was thrilled!!!


ImageShe is especially in love with the two other staff kids here, Sam and Eli. They came with birthday presents! Her prayer that night was, “Thank you Jesus for Sam and Eli and my TWO birthday presents they brought!”

Thanks for the prayers and support to get here! We will continue updating the blog with pics of students and our family. Keep the students in your prayers as their job training at the Magic Kingdom is underway!


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