Just plain needy

This morning, coffee in hand, I journaled with sloppy handwriting, laying everything out before the Lord. I think Jesus was proud but Josh was probably most blessed by it, so I would stop laying everything out at his feet in the form of word vomit. Pretty picture huh? I am just feeling needy, lately.  Haven’t you ever felt like that? Like that girlfriend guys break up with because she needs constant affirmation. Now, I know God isn’t going anywhere and Josh isn’t going to break up with me. Nonetheless, I am needing constant time with the Lord lately to feel assured of his goodness and love for me. I am ok with that : )


Here is a little about what is going on with us…

If you get our monthly prayer letter, you just found out where we are spending the summer serving – in Orlando, Florida – on Walt Disney World Summer Project! If you haven’t heard of summer projects, they are Cru’s version of Summer Mission Trips. (click here to learn more)

We are co-directing a mission trip at Walt Disney World along with 10 other staff and 75 students. Why Disney World? (really sounds like suffering for the Gospel huh?) We believe, it is actually one of the most strategic places we could spend our summer. Walt Disney World has a GIANT college internship program that students from every continent in the world, except Antartica, participate in. They move to Orlando for a year and work at Disney World. In God’s divine provision, Cru has formed a relationship with the Disney Internship program and they reserve 75 spots each summer for our students to come work at the Magic Kingdom. In their experience, our students have proven to be responsible, team players, and hard workers. 

While working at Magic Kingdom, our students build relationships with their co-workers from around the globe. We will coach them in how to be bold about telling their new friends about the hope they have found in Christ. Their experience this summer will be a building block for the rest of their lives as they serve God in the workplace after college. 

For me, my summer project to East Asia after my freshman year of college was a life-changing experience. I shared the Gospel with students who had never heard of Jesus. They were so thankful to hear of a God who loves them and wants them to know Him and experience His love and plan for their lives. 

We are trusting God for so many things this summer. We are trusting him to provide the extra funds to move our family to a condo in Florida for six weeks. We are trusting Him to change lives this summer of both our students, and the international students working at Disney World. Our dream is students from the Middle East, China, and Africa experiencing the wild love of God in Christ and bringing the Gospel back home to their family and friends. We are trusting Him to help our girls thrive while we uproot them from their beds, friends, and routines for the summer. We are trusting Him to grow us while we walk by faith through the end of this school year and into the summer. 

I had to lay all that out again at His feet this morning. Philippians 4:19 is a rock for my wandering heart to stand on, “And my God will supply all your needs from His glorious riches, which have been given to us in Christ Jesus.” Fact is, he is rich, not needy. I am needy. I can run to him with every single need physical, emotional, spiritual and he will supply for them through my relationship with Jesus! I am deeply grateful I don’t have to earn anything, its all grace. My generous God providing for me because I belong to Him. 

If you able to financially partner with us this summer in our ministry, visit our donation site here. If you want to pray for us, for our students, and for the college interns at Disney World we would be very thankful! God is on the move and we are so excited to be a part of that this summer! I pray for you, who are reading this, to be assured of Him who is rich, generous, and full of grace. I hope as you feel needy, you know you can go to His Word and read those precious promises for those who love Him. 

Lots and lots of love, Maddi 

Now for some pics of our lives lately….



3 thoughts on “Just plain needy

  1. akismet-63e2ca2a673fb10452d4cbe2d006c9dfndy says:

    I love, love LOVE this! Hey girl, I’m 54 and I’m still finding myself very “needy”- lol- I thought I’d have it all together by now. But the good thing is, that neediness- keeps driving us to Him! Praying and knowing God is going to meet all your needs! Love you- you are Rockin Awesome!

  2. rachel says:

    This was a beautiful, timely post for me Maddi, thank you. I will be praying fiercely for your sweet family as you transition. May God be greatly glorified through you guys this summer as you serve!

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