If you aren’t in Kansas City, you probably have been enjoying a little light snow the last few days. If you are in KC, you have been experiencing the much talked about “Snowpocalypse”.  KU was even out of school 2 days last week and one day this week! It was fun…at first…then I felt TRAPPED.

I just got off the phone with my sister in law and we both agree that two snow storms in a row didn’t quite bring out the best in us. There is something sweet about being broken together. Here is to rejoicing in His mercies being new each day and His love for me not depending on how much Barney I let my two year old watch over the last few days.

In the meantime, I will share some fun memories we made over the last few days. Image

The girls had a blast playing with their Daddio in the snow! Ruth was unamused when it got inside her boots though.


Here is what happens when I try to do yoga with two kids in the house and a husband who thinks its funny : ) Jillian Michaels would not have approved of the workout that followed.


She is just precious.


Last week was ESPN College Gameday at KU. Something I had never heard of until I married Joshua. It was so fun to take the girls to a KU event for FREE : )


Itty Bitty Lydi finally has two little teeth! And I have wrinkles under my eyes. Look at her teeth instead of my wrinkles please.


Here are the students we love and really really want to tell about Jesus.


I shrunk two of my hubby’s Jayhawk shirts and felt bad but I was really excited when he gave them to me to make dresses for the girls!

Hope you enjoyed/survived the Snowpocalypse without losing your mind : ) Thanks for stopping by our ‘front porch’

Love, Maddi


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