End of Summer Project…

Our Summer Project students and staff are pictured below (In their work outfits)WDWSP13-8847


Wow! How did our summer pass by so quickly? Well, I know. Day by day. He was faithful every second. Some days better than others.

People came to know the Lord. Students learned how to share the Gospel. College program students are joining in with our summer project students and entering into relationships with Jesus. Ruth met princesses. Lydia Joy learned how to walk. My husband served tirelessly. We were overjoyed when the Lord provided the remaining funds the students still needed to raise in just over 2 weeks. Family came to visit and do life with us for a bit. Our amazing staff team joined our family and got to know our girls. Jesus met with me. Our Summer Project students got to meet students and make friends with people from all over the world, and tell them about Jesus.

Whew. If you made it through that list, thanks. I had been hoping to have a chance to list everything that came to mind that God did this summer. And if you can believe it, I had to stop myself : )

I find myself singing this old hymn often this summer,

“Praise the Lord, praise the Lord,
Let the earth hear His voice!
Praise the Lord, praise the Lord,
Let the people rejoice!
O come to the Father, through Jesus the Son,
And give Him the glory, great things He has done.

Great things He has taught us, great things He has done,
And great our rejoicing through Jesus the Son;
But purer, and higher, and greater will be
Our wonder, our transport, when Jesus we see.”

I have another exciting post to write today about our new home. Make sure to read about His amazing provision for us on the next post!




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