A Fall Family Update

I hate trying to come up with titles for each post but I suppose this is just what it says – a family update. Of course we are busy working with students – loving them and helping them love Jesus. We also spend lots of time as a family and with dear friends. We have taken a few trips home to Springfield lately and Josh spent a week apart from the girls so he could go to a Cru Directors meeting in Colorado. Maddi got to help throw two baby showers and catch up with friends and family. All the while, our girls are growing and changing so quickly! 


Here is our family trip to the pumpkin patch with some great friends!


Lydia loved all the fall colors




 Ruth loved on our friend Clay and the big huge pumpkins! Huge is one of her favorite new words


Lydia eats food now but she still isn’t sure if she likes it.





Maddi’s Pappaw and Grandma came to meet their newest little great granddaughter. 


 Ruth clearly just enjoys herself almost all the time and loves time with her JuJu and Papa!  



 Spending time with Grandparents and Great Grandparents is so special! 


 Maddi and some Fieleke women threw a shower for their cousin Kim and her ‘little sprout’




  Lydia and her Great Grandma spent some time bonding at the shower! 


We had a Fieleke Fall Festival and the girls got to dress up! 



 Maddi got to reunite with college roommates to throw a baby shower for the newest little one on his way – Canyon Ebert! 

We hope you are also getting to enjoy family and friends this fall! And as always we hope you too are experiencing the love of Jesus everyday! 



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