Good News of Great Joy

I (Maddi) started a Advent devotional today and I just love it.

Here is the link:

The part from today that struck me the most was this,”Build God-centered anticipation and expectancy and excitement into your home—especially for the children. If you are excited about Christ, they will be too. If you can only make Christmas exciting with material things, how will the children get a thirst for God? Bend the efforts of your imagination to make the wonder of the King’s arrival visible for the children.”

I have been noticing lately how busy I get and how I tune out my sweet two year old saying, “Mama, play with me!!” So Jesus gave me a sweet reminder. And boy did we play. We got out little baby Jesus (2 inches tall from our nativity set) and put Him in our manger (2 foot wide wagon) and Ruth pretended she was Mary. We all gave our treasures to sweet Baby Jesus. She gave Him a candy cane, Mama gave Him her Bible, and Daddy gave Him his wallet. Ruth was telling Baby Jesus about each treasure and said, “Baby, this Bible is all about you!” It was so worth it to bend the efforts of my imagination and celebrate little Baby King Jesus this morning. IMG_1871

It reminds me of a conversation I had on campus with a student recently. She was from Portugal and so sweet. When we approached her and asked if we could talk about spiritual things, she said, “I am not really a spiritual person, but sure.” It turns out she was more spiritual than most people I meet. She grew up Catholic and felt scared to ever ask anyone about her doubts and questions. This has led her to doubt that there is a God at all. She was a delight to talk to. She even said, “Thank you for talking with me about this – I enjoy getting to hear your point of view and still feel like you respect where I am coming from.”

The best part of our conversation is when she allowed me to share the Gospel with her. As I shared with her Christ’s words, “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me”, I asked what her response was to this. She said,”It really bothers me. I will have to give it more thought. You see, when I was Catholic, I didn’t love much about it but I really loved Jesus.”

I am loving Jesus today too. How can I not celebrate that He left being King in Heaven and came as a helpless baby to save this mess of a Mama from her frantic life. In Him, I have rest, and peace, and all the treasure I need.

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