Fall Getaway 2012

What a weekend! It feels like Sunday night as I sit here but I know its not because Josh is at Bible Study in the dorms and Parenthood comes on in an hour – I love Tuesdays! 

Thanks for your prayers for our Fall Getaway! It was a sweet weekend. Josh and I have so many memories at Turkey Hill Ranch Bible Camp – haha yes that is really the name of the place. Its like they just couldn’t decide on one name and said lets go with all of them! 

Anyways, we along with our co-worker Katie got to spend the weekend with 250 students (40 of them from KU) learning about Jesus and having tons of fun. Here are some pictures from the weekend – 

ImageIt was just a ton of fun! Picture worshipping with hundreds of excited college students and learning lots and lots about Jesus…and throw in some silly videos and emcees too 🙂


Ruth was little miss helper this weekend. Here she is above helping check in the KU girls when they arrived. She is fearless! Image

My Dad and Step Mom planned on helping us with the girls this weekend but sadly she got sick. Dad still got to come and help out a ton! I was so thankful to get to go hang out with the girls lots and get to know them better. They may think I am a little nutty though because Lydia and my nursing cover came with me all over that place. ha! I answered lots of nursing questions : ) Glad the girls still like me!Image

Lots of time in God’s Word this weekend. Insert cheesy posed picture….WAIT it wasn’t posed! Josh just has quick camera skills and catches the good shots 🙂Image

I am so bummed because we didn’t all make it in the group shot! But here are some of the awesome KU students hanging out before the bonfire one night. Image

Lydia is into everything! Luckily we had lots of eyes to watch her this weekend. If something is close to her, she wants to pick it up and put it in her mouth!ImageAnd my sweet sleepy girl! She spent lots of time in my arms this weekend and I loved it! While Ru was off fishing with Dad and Grandpa, Lydia and I got in lots and lots of cuddles. 

It was a sweet weekend and we are having fun over the next few weeks following up with students – helping them process what they learned there and what God has for them to keep learning! 

Hope everyone else had a great weekend too! 





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