“I’m so proud of me”

Ruth spent lots and lots of time on the potty today! Praise God! We have been hoping she would want to use the potty one day soon and she just woke up this morning and something clicked. My mom was even here to witness her first time voluntarily sitting down to go pee pee. Oh the things I would have never known would be so exciting before I had kiddos : ) She even told her Daddy tonight when he was putting her down for bed, “I need to go potty one more time.” He said ok thinking she was just stalling and turns out she just knew what she needed to do. Yea!!!

I guess all this change today is making me feel very sentimental so I thought I would put a few pictures up of our sweet girls. God is so good to us.




Ruth loves to pray for anything and anyone. Sometimes it is her curtains or fingers but other times she prays for Josh, Lydia and I. She is learning to ask ‘why’ all the time but we make her obey us before she gets to ask why. So a frequent sentence we hear is, “Ok Mom and Dad…..now I ask why???” Oh goodness, she is so sweet. And Lydia Joy is just that – a JOY! She is learning to take naps on her own and give her Mom’s arms a break. She rolls over all the time and I think she would love it if she could eat real food all the time. She grabs at our plates and cups all through our meals!

Thanks for the ‘oohhhs and awwwwss’ We are thankful for you. Ok ok I can’t help it…one more. Sweet Lydia can’t keep her tongue in her mouth – its just too big!!



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