Busy isn’t Bad

Sweet friends and family have been asking a lot these last few weeks how Josh and I are doing with all the activities going on with school starting. I think I half expected to say,”HELP US we are living in chaos!” Oh but the Lord has better for us. In His kindness, he has given us lots of energy and helped us to enjoy the high pace of life on campus the first few weeks!

Outreach has been so fun. And just when it gets a little draining going to door after door in the dorm rooms, the Lord has given each of us a conversation where He was honored and glorified and refreshed our weary souls. Talking about the Gospel to someone who is thirsty for it is one of the most life giving things EVER!

Our most recent newsletter was so fun to write. We are celebrating all that the Lord has done in one short month of school! He is drawing people to Himself in really awesome ways. We often feel like we are just watching Him do all the REAL work and letting us have fun throwing parties for students!

I wanted to share some pictures of life here on campus and of course, my precious daughters : )Image

Top left: we had a private party at Orange Leaf after our first Cru Meeting! All the students had fun reconnecting and meeting the newcomers. Top right: Maddi’s great-grandma Sally went home to Jesus in August. We went to Springfield to be with family and celebrate her life-long legacy of loving Jesus and us so very well! Bottom: Josh speaking at our third weekly meeting about the Gospel! We have been having fun going over the basics about Jesus’ wild love for us and sharing with about 60-65 students each week!

Thanks for your prayers and financial partnerships. It is the beginning of the school year that it strikes us the most that we couldn’t be sharing with students everyday if the Lord hadn’t brought YOU into our lives to partner with us! Our biggest prayer right now is that the Lord would bring 40 or even 50 students to our fall getaway in two weeks! It is a time of diving DEEP into their relationships with God!! Would you please lift that up to the Lord with us? He is ABLE!

Love, The Fieleke’s

PS. Best quote since school has started is during announcements at CRU. The announcements often include the time and place of events – for example – pancake tailgate Sat morning at the Fieleke’s. A freshman group was overheard saying, “WHATS A FIELEKE???


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