Stillwater Trip

The week before last was oh so busy. One of my favorite people in the whole world got engaged to a GREAT man. Debbie and Justin live in Stillwater, OK. So, while Josh worked hard here in Lawrence, he packed Ruth and I into the car and we made our first Momma-Daughter roadtrip. Highlights of the driving portion of our trip included many many renditions of ‘Itsy Bitsy Spider” which Ruth has learned the handmotions to. Also, a scary trip to a McDonalds roadstop filled with many many many male truckers who stared a little bit at the only lady there – me. THATS OK – we made it safe there and back Praise the Lord!

So here are our pics from the quick trip. Ruth woke up her honorary Aunties at 7 am with a nice dance party. She has recently learned to raise the roof. Oh joy : )

Look at that ROCK! Congrats Deb and Justin. Ash made the trip too and it was such a blessing to be together and talk about what God is doing in our lives and how we are more and more in love with Him lately. I am honored to be a bridesmaid on Oct 15!! And Ruth is beyond excited to be one of the flower girls!!!! I bought her a purse so she can get used to carrying things around and be a pro by the time October rolls around.


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