We love our Baby Friends

One thing we have prayed for Ruth since moving to Lawrence is that God will bless her with friends in all stages of life. We asked the Lord to give her baby friends to grow up with. Well, of course God has answered our prayers in abundant ways and with friendships we just really thank Him for.

Here are some pics…

Ruth loves Kaelyn. Recently, she got to hang with Ruth and I for the whole day! It was a blast.  Thankfully, she taught Ruth to enjoy her crib! They jumped up and down in that thing for half an hour at least. We even got to go up the street to her Momma’s school and eat lunch together! Amy (her momma) is pretty darn fun too!

And here is Paige and Ruth together celebrating their 1st Birthdays. Our staff team here in Lawrence got together and so sweetly let us celebrate the girls with a cookout and some cake balls – yum and yum!

The girls even got to open presents!!! Rebecca and Jeff brought them the COOLEST BOOKS EVER. These things are baby proof: you cant tear them if you try, you can slober on the pages, and when they get dirty don’t worry just throw them in the washer and dryer. I don’t know the brand but if you are interested, leave a comment and I will totally figure it out : )

2 thoughts on “We love our Baby Friends

  1. Laura says:

    The books sound great… I’d be very curious about them if you can find out any more info 🙂 Moriah loves her books, but lately has chewed the corners of board books a lot, as I’m sure you all have experienced too!

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