Sharing the Gospel at KU

Last Friday, I (Maddi) had a really great afternoon sharing the Gospel on campus with fellow staff women and some students involved in our ministry. I am thankful for the opportunity in itself because it meant that Josh was happy to stay home with his baby girl. They had a fun afternoon together and even went grocery shopping for me!!! I am spoiled rotten I tell you.

Anyways, more about campus…I was actually really nervous. I haven’t been sharing at KU yet and so often I hear about wild KU students with their hippie post-modern views : ) Praise God, He showered me with a wonderful afternoon getting to talk to people about Jesus. I talked with a few different people but one story really stands out to me.

After some time praying the Lord would guide us to seeking students, I took a student and friend named Heather and we headed off, hoping to be able to talk to some Asian students. We only saw 1 table in the union occupied by a young man and young woman. They looked deep in conversation so we avoided interrupting. After avoiding them for a few minutes though, Heather shared that the Lord was really prompting her to go up to them. Hesitantly and actually expecting rejection, we approached them and asked if they would be willing to take a spiritual interest survey. We call this a ‘spiritual ice breaker’. They agreed. Hmmm we started to think God really had a conversation planned for the four of us.

Soon after starting our survey, we found out they were a married couple from Saudi Arabia. They were also Muslims and so very sweet to us. We got to ask them many questions about their faith and background. They shared how lonely their time in America has been. It was so sweet because I got to share with them that Josh and I have been lonely in Lawrence at times but our joy comes from Jesus. They were hesitant but started warming up to us. After a while, we asked if they knew much about Christianity. They said, “No we don’t know anything about Christianity.”

Praise God – He lead us right to this couple who knew nothing about Jesus. Some students on campus have probably been exposed to the Gospel 100’s of times. God still has great plans for them. However, Friday his plan was for the first seeds to be planted in these student’s life. We got to share the Gospel with them. We told them about Easter and how death couldn’t keep Christ in its grip. We shared with them about Grace, God’s undeserved gift to us of Salvation through his only Son. We shared with them that Jesus is the Way, the Truth, and the Life and that no one comes to the Father except through Him.

We asked if they were interested in talking more about Jesus sometime. The young man said, “We are fine. But thank you for talking with us about this.” Yep, our conversation was just a seed. We know though, that God has big plans for them. I invited them over for dinner, hoping this would help them feel less lonely.

Would you pray they would email me and come eat with Josh and I sometime soon?


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