Happy Mothers Day to me!

We kinda celebrated Mother’s Day a little early this year. I was so excited to plant some flowers for my first official Mother’s Day. Next weekend we are going to spend the ‘official’ holiday in Belton with Josh’s family so we took today to celebrate here.

SO FUN that my Dad came in town for the weekend at the last minute to spend time with us. Sad though because he had to leave my step-mom sick at home. We miss you Brenda and your green thumb!

So of course, Dad and Josh did all the hard work today : ) We planted a few flowers out front of our condo and then the majority in planters out back.

Me and my sweet pea. 

So recently we found a pair of baby sunglasses my cousin Lara passed down to us. Ruth thinks she is super fly just chillin with her Grandpa Scott.

Yea! My finished plants! I am so so so excited to water them and take care of them! I want to be a gardener, I really do. Here is the only problem I foresee, I am so so scared of bees. So Josh promised a follow up gift  of a big can of wasp spray to sit outside with me at all times. 

Josh’s favorite part about the weekend: My dad….’s bike. He has been finding reasons to ride it all day. So fun for him though, and nice of Dad to let him ride it. Dad and I have been doing a lot of praying while he is out riding. 

My last words for Josh before he took off, ” Remember, my baby needs a Daddy.”


2 thoughts on “Happy Mothers Day to me!

  1. Lara says:

    Ruth is super fly! The girls and I just caught up on your blog and we all think she is just the cutest. Jae and Joanah LOVE seeing her in some familar things. And Jae says, “Mom, when are we ever going to meet Ruth?” So, I’m hoping to make that happen this summer!

    • fielekefrontporch says:

      Hey Lara! I know, I am dying for them to all meet – maybe this summer??? : ) Well, Ruth is about 20 times more stylish thanks to the girls clothes they pass along. Tell Jae – (the best little dancer in the world) CONGRATS from us and I am sure her recital was soo special!

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