Big Break 2011

If you asked Josh his favorite mission trip that Campus Crusade sends students on every year, he would without a doubt say BIG BREAK. It is our version of a wild college Spring Break Trip. The wild part being the insane amount of students that come to know the Lord over the week through the Holy Spirit using the efforts of the college students we send to do evangelism on the beach in Panama City. (worst run on sentence of all time)

Here are the numbers from this years 4 weeks of Spring Break trips. Take a moment or 30 to praise the Lord!!!

At Big Break this year, 2,985 attendees engaged in 12,862 spiritual conversations. Wow! Over 5,000 students heard the Gospel and nearly 1,000 learned about the ministry and power of the Holy Spirit. And, God prepared the hearts of 486 people who made a decision to put their faith in Christ!
Big Break changes the lives of so many, including those who participate in the conference. Here’s a glimpse of what some of our students experienced last month:
“God opened an opportunity for me to share the Gospel with my best friend from high school (I haven’t seen or talked to him in 3 years, but he happened to be in PCB at the same time as me).”
“At Big Break I had the chance to pray out loud in a group setting in a way that I was always scared to do before.”
“I got to pray for a guy who was using alcohol to deal with his family problems.”

“On the third night of the conference, I actually gave my life to Christ, and right away I could see a difference. It was so much easier for me to share my faith with people on the beach the next few days and I could already see my relationships with the people I was with getting stronger. It was an amazing week.”

“I came back to school on Saturday and by Monday I already had two deep conversations about religion and Christ with some fraternity brothers who I wanted to reach out to. God prepared them for the conversations and everything just flowed. The training I had from Big Break helped SO much and the KGP and Perspective cards were a must.”

“[Two freshman] girls told me that before this trip they had never really shared their faith, but that through BB the Lord was really burdening their hearts for the lost and opening their eyes to ways they could be witnesses for Him. This is why I am involved in this movement!!”

And last of all, certainly least of all, take a moment to pray that Josh can lead students from KU on this trip next year.  His life would be complete : )


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