Quick Visit to Springtown

We went to Springfield this last weekend for a wedding. My friend Heather got married to a great guy named Stephen. We have been family friends since I was born so it was really neat to be at her wedding. We got to spend great time with my Mom and Stepdad and Josh and I even got to sneak out on a date after Ruth went to bed Saturday night.

I thought I would share some pictures from the weekend. 

Ruth is learning how to eat with her spoon. Lets just put it this way…I am doing a lot of laundry these days.

I promise her Papa and Juju don’t bore her. It was just a funny shot!

We are pretty darn happy.


Mom’s girl.

She has learned to hold her phone up to her ear and say “ehhhoooo”. She also does this with her pacifier, remote, and anything else she happens to have in her hand.

Wasn’t Heather a BEAUTIFUL bride?!?!!? It was such a pretty wedding. I love love : )


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