Our Busy Lady and Bible Study Tuesdays

We have officially recovered from a brutal cold that knocked us all down for a few days last week. The upside of this was spending a few days with Ruth at the house. It was fun to watch her play when she was feeling up to it. She is just sooo busy. I love it. I love watching her explore her way through life.

She just discovered her bookshelf in her bedroom. If only she would sit and read the books. Not for now. Instead, she takes them off of the shelves everyday. Before

and after.

On a fun ministry update, I got to have the college girls over Tuesday night for a Bible Study that our other staff ladies Emily and Katie lead. They do a great job. We are spending the semester doing what we call ‘Soul to Soul’. Each week one girl shares her whole story. We are talking 45 minutes of sharing hurts, joys, family life, boyfriends, and their own story of how Jesus saved their life. It is such a beautiful time each week. This last week a student named Katie shared. It was really neat to hear her story. I could tell that Jesus is doing so much in her life right now.

Josh and I have just been praising God this week for his power in our life and for calling us into our role in His Great Story. It is really fun to know that our sole job in life is to tell people about how much Jesus loves them and how Great He is. I get to share my story with the girls at Bible Study in a few weeks. I am really excited to share with them.

Here is a picture of some of the girls last Tuesday.  


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