Gotta love the Ficks

This picture really doesn’t show anything except Ruth’s new love for throwing fits and her super cute new hair bow I made.

Let me start by saying I LOVE being a Fieleke!!! I am in the greatest family with amazing in-laws. This weekend, though, I took a walk down Fick lane. My Dad and stepmom Brenda came in town along with my brother Brock and his fiance/ my future sister in law, Jessica. THEN, my Uncle Gary and cousin Morgan just happened to drive through Lawrence tonight so they stopped for dinner. SO FUN. So this post will be my ode to Ficks.

Sunday morning breakfast with the men in the kitchen….

Ruth was loving on her Uncle. And apparently it made Brock go cross-eyed.

What is this you ask…the basket of all of my coffee mugs that was sitting high on the counter way beyond Ruth’s reach. She reached them anyways and pulled them off the counter. I am now drinking my coffee out of the same mug each morning. Josh is ok though because his Nebraska mug was safe in the cupboard. Lucky.

I am sad Brenda didn’t make it into this picture. SORRY! Right before we took this, I told Jess to look like she was having a ton of fun. Ruth must not have heard me….

Morgan, Ruth, and I. Aren’t you feeling the Fick love???

Uncle Gary and Ruth. We had suck a fun evening with them!

In conclusion, the Ficks are just great.


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