Toddlers, Unicorns, and Mermaids – Oh My!

Our crazy month of 3 birthdays has come to an end. May 5, Micah turned two. May 11, Lydia turned 5. And June 3, Ruth turned 7! We are tired but our hearts are so full. Josh and I still feel like the luckiest people in the world that we get to be these three awesome kiddo’s parents!

In our family, the kids get a birthday party with friends every other year, and on the off years, we celebrate a little smaller (and cheaper) as a family. This year was Micah’s year off, so we had a low-key bbq with some family and he loved it. At one point he broke out the water gun and attacked some of us. We couldn’t love this sweet boy more if we tried. We are crazy about our silly monkey of a two year old. While I type this, he is trying to ride an inflatable donkey while sitting on top of the coffee table. Pray for us! ha.


Lydia Joy has never wanted a b-day party, let alone a b-day cake. She doesn’t love the spotlight. But as God has grown her and she is conquering her fears, this year she got super excited about inviting some friends over for a Unicorn Pizza Party. It was so fun!

Our favorite memories of the night were watching her enjoy her friends and letting us celebrate her. A bunch of 5-8 year olds running around with tails and unicorn horns was pretty adorable too! Lydia is such a faithful daughter, sister, and friend. She is easy to delight in!


And somehow our little baby Ruth is already 7. I sure wish time would slow down a little bit. She only wanted a pool party. She had no second options. A pool party it must be she said. Of course, she doesn’t understand that Mom and Dad can’t easily afford a pool party at the city pool with all of her friends. And Jesus provided! Sweet partners of our ministry graciously allowed us to use their backyard pool! Every time I start to forget that my God cares about every single detail of our lives and desire of our hearts, He sweetly reminds me.

Ruth’s party was so fun! She chose an under the sea theme, so we bought a few inflatables and called it a day. Her friends showered her with the most thoughtful presents and we loved watching Ruth love on the people who came. One of my favorite parts of the party was when she included Auntie Ste and her littles, her babysitter Ali, and our sweet C, Micah’s first mom on her list of invites. She loves to love her people well!



2 thoughts on “Toddlers, Unicorns, and Mermaids – Oh My!

  1. Connie Huckeby says:

    It’s hard to believe you have children that age. I can remember Josh in elementary school, those same ages. He was so cute. Enjoy each moment with them, it goes so fast!

  2. Sarah Gilliland says:

    What fab memories you are creating! Thoughtful, precious and beautiful celebrations of each unique life— thankful for friends like you and your sweet family!

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