Throwback Thursday – Micah’s First Birthday

Tomorrow my son turns 2 and I don’t quite know what to do with myself. He is growing up way to fast!

I am feeling all the feelings today and decided to post pictures from his first birthday EXTRAVAGANZA last year. Last year at this time, we were moving, demo-ing our new house, and preparing to move to Florida for the summer. But there was something else tricky about these party pics. Most of the pictures of his first family, we have chosen not to share because Micah’s story belongs to him and it will be up to him one day how much of it he wants public. And because we are CRAZY IN LOVE with all of them, they are of course in almost all of the pictures.

But today, I sorted them and found a few pics that I want to share. While you are browsing pics and reminiscing with me how fast this little guy is growing up, trust me when I tell you that Micah Joshland is one of the most loved little boys on the planet. And even though I’m not posting much of the crowd, it may have been the most populated first birthday party EVER. ha.

IMG_7695.jpgIMG_7702.jpgIMG_7742.jpgIMG_7708.jpgIMG_7777.jpgIMG_7778.jpgIMG_7682.jpgIMG_7686.jpgAnd just in case God uses this post to prompt your heart, let me help push you along: If you are considering pursuing adoption, run towards it. Fight for it. Spend all the dollars on all the paperwork and lawyers. You see, there was a little baby that God had made that was born to be a Fieleke. We were praying for him and searching for him. And little did we know, that our family would burst open at the seams and find out there was room not only for our treasure of a son, but for his whole biological family too. Friends, open adoption is the most beautiful thing in the whole world. And yes, it can be messy too. But messy and hard aren’t bad. We remind our kids all the time that God builds families in all sorts of amazing ways. Jesus writes the best stories. IMG_7751.jpg




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