Free Thanksgiving Coloring Pages

IMG_6986.JPG.jpegNot going to lie, I am totally the laziest aunt of the Fieleke Family. I’m not exactly proud of this realization but I like to live in reality, so here we are. After family dinners, I mosey over to a comfy chair and glance up to see all of my sister-in-laws serving with joyful hearts by cleaning the dishes. I *usually* hop my tail right up and follow their lead.

Also, *if* I remember to send birthday presents, they are often months late.

One sis is bringing HOMEMADE GINGERBREAD HOUSES for 10 kiddos to decorate this thanksgiving weekend. I flippin’ adore her. Seriously, I married into an awesome family. I am easily the most crazy, spastic, LOUD auntie. I can’t help it, my Fick family roots run deep! Ha! I blame my mom, Aunt Cindy, and Aunt Tania for all those canoe trip shenanigans : )

I adore my nieces and nephews. They are seriously so cool and funny. I just can’t for the life of me get my ducks in a row. ever. I also love that my sis-in-laws (mom-in-law too) and I can cheer each other on in what each of us are good at. They are just dear.

But, you know what I can do? I can draw and bring coloring pages for my nieces and nephews to color when we mamas want a few minutes of quiet.

So here you go friends, if you want to follow my lead and bring some coloring pages for your nieces and nephews to enjoy this weekend, here are some free downloads I made:


(Also, sneak them candy and you will be in their hearts forever.)

Happy Thanksgiving Friends!


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