Note to self: Remember this summer!

This summer has been so special! On Monday, as I buckled in our sweet little Bitty, and drove her to her first day of preschool, I realized that we’ve packed this summer full of precious memories and its about to be over. Thankfully Ru doesn’t start Kindergarten for a week so I have a little more time to soak up the summer.

After all, this will forever be the summer we got Micah!! It will forever be the summer before I had 2 (WHAT THE HECK?!?!) kiddos in school. It will forever be the summer our AC, garage door, master bathtub, dishwasher, and refrigerator broke…I don’t think I will mind forgetting about that, actually.

So if you want to, take a peek at some of our summer pictures!  I just want to put a little collection of our summer memories up on the blog so I can look back at them one day when I am not so sleep deprived and actually miss these sweet (sleepless) days. BTW, the reason I am sleep deprived isn’t even because I have a newborn, its because I have a 3 year old who doesn’t sleep. Seriously her two least favorite things: sleep and wedgies. So there’s that.

Back to fond memories…

IMG_6268Micah’s first few days home

IMG_3942Oh, her third least favorite thing – being forced to be center of attention. But we just had to sing our sweet girl, Happy Birthday!




This girl melts my heart.




And how is it that we have a FIVE year old??? Ru is dolphin crraaaazzyy so we just HAD to make her a dolphin birthday cake!



The laundry, oh the laundry. Its everywhere. I’ve given up on putting it away. Now we just leave it out until we wear it next. Wish I was kidding…



Our refreshing family trip to Fort Collins





We have seriously treasured all the time we have gotten with our families!


Our Mommy & Ru date day!


Mommy & Lydia date day!


And just last week, the Fieleke’s hosted a baby shower for Micah, where I  inappropriately refused to accept any clothing bigger than 6 months as gifts and just shouted a lot of “noo’s” and “why’s” at our family because gosh-darn-it this son of mine will NOT LEAVE ME AND GO OFF TO SCHOOL ONE DAY!!

Thanks for stopping by and looking through some of our favorite summer memories! And keep those back to school pictures coming please, because the only thing that makes me feel better is knowing that I’m not the only mama feeling ALL THE FEELINGS!!!

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