Our little Jay Hawk

We had a blast celebrating Labor Day weekend. It was our first full weekend off campus since school started and God refreshed us for sure. Our friend Ashley came in town to hang with us and it was sooo fun. Ruth lovingly called her Ash all weekend which kinda melted her heart!

Here we are at the first KU game of the season. Josh spent all his allowance this month on a cheerleader costume for his girl. She rocked it!

Ash rocked my world by wearing the moby and lugging around Ru girl for the game. THANKS!!!

Here is our little cheerleader in action! She is so full of joy. We all had to get dressed up for some reason…I just can’t remember why : ) Oh us girlies….I am thankful Joshua loves us so much – we are kinda nuts!




2 thoughts on “Our little Jay Hawk

  1. Jenny Alford says:

    Oh my goodness! We were at the game too in the tents~ Can’t believe we didn’t run into you!!! How funny! Looks like you had a great time. Love you girl. You and Ru look so cute in all your pictures!!

  2. Maureen says:

    Oh MY! Ru is HILARIOUS in that top photo! I can’t get enough of her! I have been pinning all of my near-and-dear blogs into my pinterest account…what a heart blessing!

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