Friday Fun Day

Hello Friends. Let me just tell you about the BEST FRIDAY EVER! Our weeks are just so turned upside down that we sometimes get to take Fridays away from campus. We have our staff team over to pray from 9 to 11 on Fridays and then we can rarely find students that are willing to meet up so we decided it was family date day. It kinda felt long overdue after a REALLY crazy last few weeks. So here are pictures from our GREAT family day:

We ate lunch at The Brick in downtown Kansas City. We have this goal life to eat at the places Guy Fieri has visited in his show, Diners Drive-ins and Dives. This place was yummy…totally a dive but thats ok!

We just thought we would share with you that our daughter loves ketchup so much.
She also loves her Dad. They have so much fun together. And I should add that Josh was in full on love his wife mode yesterday (he usually is). Let me give you an example. We got downtown at noon, a normal Josh lunchtime, but I wanted to go to the West Bottoms district to experience First Friday Antique Shopping. SO FUN. I think I had too much fun because, before I knew it, it was 3 and I was still going strong. oops. My man didn’t complain once. Just kept on shopping. 


I mean, look at this store. It was called Good JuJu. It was God’s special gift to my eyes yesterday. Oh how I love old pretty stuff. We got the greatest chair (not the one in the picture) for our computer desk for pretty cheap! BTW, look at that precious baby girl!
Ok well I have to go, it is the first KU football game of the season today. Pictures soon to come.
P.S. I had so many stories to share about our first two weeks on campus but I didn’t want to spoil our newsletter. We will send it out this week. If you aren’t on our mailing list and want to be, shoot me a email and we would love to add you! I will say though, God is good and He is blessing our time on campus A LOT!!!

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