Ruth has had soo much fun this summer with her friends and her cousin Adelyn who just moved to Lee’s Summit so I thought I would share some pictures. I am so thankful for these babies…and their Momma’s are pretty great too : )


Kaylyn, Ruth, and Eirik


Cousin Adelyn gives Ruth the best hugs….and I can’t help but mentioning I sewed their skirts!


Ruth and Cooper have the same birthday!! Cooper likes her but clearly she is a little wild for him sometimes…


Cousin love


We had kiddo play dates this summer on Wednesdays and they were a blessing in our lives. It was the perfect day for us moms to visit and the babies to get out all their wildness!

We just got home from a visit in Springfield and our whole staff team came up for our Staff Retreat. With 11 people crashing at my parent’s house, Ruth and Paige got to take some baths together. They had fun of course!



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