We’re back from CSU 2011

Does this picture give you a good idea of what our past 10 days looked like? I hope so! I guess my estimate of 20,000 people was a bit off from the last post but there were about 10,00o staff and children there. What a blessing these last few days have been for us. The Lord was close to us and taught us so much. We would both agree that He gave us sweet time of repentance that impacted our whole 10 days. We were able to repent of days and weeks when He is not our first love. Ukkkk gross to see but glorious to lay at His feet. I was reminded of Romans 2:4 – His kindness lead us to repentance.

We had a conference full of DYNAMIC speakers and concerts! I will make a new blog post over the next few days with links to the speakers and their books so if anyone is interested you will have access to them too.

We had great time together as a family. I loved eating in the dining hall and not cooking for 10 days straight. Seriously, praise the Lord! Josh really loved interruption free days – no tv, not much computer time, tons of walking and talking!

On the way to Fort Collins, we stopped at DJ and Steph’s house for the night in Denver. It was so great to spend time with them because we love them so much! They even came up to campus one Saturday to join us!!

Ruth gave us about a million kisses. Hmmm usually Josh doesn’t open his mouth for the kisses but I think he was just feeling a little silly!

Our president, Steve Douglass talked to us about the name change we recently made from Campus Crusade for Christ to CRU. Read more about our name change here. Even more importantly, he talked to us about the call the Lord has on our lives and the lives of every Believer to make our life about eternal significance and showing people Jesus.

Overall, we are so thankful for our time in Fort Collins. More than anything else, God renewed our vision for reaching KU students and Lawrence, KS for Christ! We are more excited than ever for the upcoming school year and serving Jesus!


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