Family Fourth of July

I have spent the day recovering from a great weekend away. We went to Springfield to spend time with my family for the fourth. It was a GREAT trip and felt like some much needed time off. On the long stretch of 71 highway Josh and I spent some time talking about God’s kindness to us. We are so close to finishing our support team and He is continuing to bring people into our lives who we can share with about our ministry.

I tend to get this skewed view of God in that he withholds from me or wants everything to be hard. He has been shattering the lies I believe about Him over the last few weeks. He is just so good to us. I will try to take some time soon to blog a fun story about specific times He has showed his character to me and helped me to know Him more. Let me just say this – the more I see of Him the more I can say – He is beautiful.

Here are some pictures from our fourth of July weekend…

We got to spend time with my grandparents and my Great Grandma Sally. She is Ruth’s GREAT GREAT GRANDMA. What a privilege for us. She is dear in about a million ways. One of them is that she plays with my girl and loves her sooo much.

We spent time July 4th morning at the pool with Papa Rick and JuJu. Ruth loves them and we do too.

This picture is in my grandparent’s beautiful garden. Joshua, I must say, you look smokin hot.

And the show stopper. Rick bought out a Cabana at White Water for the 5 of us on Saturday and we had a BLAST!!! After hours of playing in the water, Ruth was wiped. So I took off her diaper (to avoid diaper rash), she peed on me, then fell asleep. Nice. I moved her to a lounge chair by herself and rinsed off in the pool. She napped with her sweet little bum in the air for two hours.

Hope you all had a great fourth of July weekend also.


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